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NIJISANJI EN Ethyria Debuts on October 09, 2021

Three months after the debut of NIJISANJI EN’s second wave, Obsydia, the group will debut Ethyria this Saturday, October 09, 2021 (JST). Unlike the past two waves, Ethyria will be composed of four Virtual YouTubers representing Heaven and Darkness.

Teaser for the debut of NIJISANJI EN’s Ethyria, posted October 06, 2021. / NIJISANJI EN on YouTube

Heaven sub-unit

Enna Alouette エナー・アールウェット / Bird of Heaven

A blue bird fluttering in the heavens. She sings a love song for the souls of the living.

Enna is a Bird of Heaven who describes herself as a shy being. She is also interested in the works of doujin circle 07th Expansion, such as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Nina Kosaka 狐坂ニナ / Fox of Heaven

A nine-tailed fox that presides over the heavens. She wishes for the joy of all souls on the long journey.

In her introduction post on Reddit, Nina describes herself as NIJISANJI EN’s Lucky Fox who is either part of the onee-san or the big hat sub-units. She looks forward to deliver innovative streams in appreciation of giving her the chance to be part of the group.

Darkness sub-unit

Millie Parfait ミリー・パフェ / Cat of Darkness, Witch of Calamity

A monster cat creeping through hell. A bit aggressive, but maybe she just needs some attention.

Millie is described as a Cat of Darkness. This goes well with her activity online. Her YouTube account reads: “I’m a witch whose sole purpose is to consume all the food on earth and live a comfortable life while having fun! Let’s be friends!”

In addition, her Twitter profile is full of chaos. One tweet says that she is a Petra Gurin-certified graphic designer, referring to Obsydia’s penguin VTuber. Another tweet says that “motion graphics are my passion.”

On Twitter, she promises that tons of fun are in store for the viewers of her debut stream.

Reimu Endou 遠藤 霊夢 / Ghost of Darkness

A ghost wandering in hell. The more she thinks of her beloved, the more she becomes sad and haunted.

Reimu, a Ghost of Darkness, states on her Twitter profile that she is ready to steal souls. Unlike her fellow genmates, Reimu has a companion who holds a radio-like device. Likewise, she also has a creature who is assumed to sit on top her head.

She expresses her excitement on Reddit. “I’m super excited to keep on enjoying my undead life with you guys! Let’s keep on making new memories from here on out!!”

NIJISANJI EN Ethyria’s Debut Song

Music video for “God sees all,” Ethyria’s debut song. / NIJISANJI EN on YouTube

NIJISANJI EN’s Ethyria will also have its debut song, similar to the past two waves. “God sees all” is written and produced by DJ and music composer ChibaNyan from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. ChibaNyan is best known for composing イイ波☆のってんNIGHT for the group King Rabbits, which became a social phenomenon.

Warm Welcome from Fans and Livers alike

Indeed, IVTubers, Fans and Virtual Livers alike gave a warm welcome to the new group, which has already interacted with some of them.

Furthermore, Twitter was ablaze with fan art as soon as the debut announcement was published. Each member expressed their gratitude to the fans for their numerous artworks. Enna even commited to save her fan arts in an external hard drive.

NIJISANJI EN Ethyria Debut Program Schedule

Moreover, the NIJISANJI EN Ethyria Debut Program is set to be broadcasted on YouTube on the following dates and times:

  • Friday, October 8th, 2021 from 7PM (PDT)
  • Saturday, October 9th, 2021 from 11AM (JST)
  • Saturday, October 9th, 2021 from 2AM (UTC)

Each member hosts their individual debut streams for 30 minutes. Finally, Obsydia will be hosting the said debut program.

NIJISANJI EN Ethyria is part of ANYCOLOR Inc., an entertainment company established in May 2017. The NIJISANJI website provides more information on this Virtual YouTuber program.

Stay tuned to Anime Corner for the latest major updates in the world of Virtual YouTubers.

NIJISANJI EN © ANYCOLOR Inc. · Images from ANYCOLOR via PRTimes / NIJISANJI on Reddit

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