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One Piece Episode 1025: Marco Gets More Spotlight, Zoro Shows His Strength

ONE PIECE released episode 1025 this Sunday, and we are slowly getting into the best part of the Wano arc! The episode began with the Akazaya samurai dealing with Kanjuro’s drawing of Oden. It seems like the drawing has a decent level of skill, but things get even worse when it reveals explosives and its plan to blow them all along with itself. After some more memories of times past, Ashura decides to sacrifice himself and gives the other samurai a chance to save Momonosuke.

Slowly after getting out, they are intercepted by Jack. This time it’s Dogstorm who decides to stay back, and he’s currently set to fight Kaido’s top commander in a 1v1. The two have a long history, and both are injured, so it will be interesting to see how it will go. Dogstorm also We also see that Orochi is alive and well, and he’s determined to burn down Onigashima as revenge for Kaido’s betrayal.

After this, we got to see arguably the best animated sequence in episode 1025. Just like in episode 1022, it included Marco the Phoenix. We saw Queen facing Chopper, and he was about to hit him with his laser. In a sequence animated by Akihito Ota, we see Whitebeard’s former 1st division commander launch into Queen and knock him down. However, Queen does get up and Marco makes a note of his toughness.

The last part of the episode moved onto the roof. Kaido and Big Mom delivered a combined attack called Hakai, and it seemed like none of The Worst Generation had an answer to it. This is when Zoro jumped in and managed to hold it off long enough for Law to teleport them away. Even Kid commends and thanks him, though Zoro has certainly taken a lot of damage. Shortly after this, they notice Luffy disappeared. The episode ends with him running at Kaido and making the Yonko dodge his attack. He mocks him for it and gets blown away, but the episode ends with him laughing.

ONE PIECE Episode 1026

The ONE PIECE manga is almost done with its 1-month break and chapter 1054 will release next Sunday on July 24, the same day as episode 1026. Its title is “The Supernovas Strike Back! The Mission to Tear Apart the Emperors!”. You can watch episode 1025 of ONE PIECE on Crunchyroll, and you can catch up to the latest manga chapter for free on either VIZ website or MANGA Plus.

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