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One Piece Episode 1030: Luffy Decides to Create a New Era

ONE PIECE released episode 1030 this Sunday, and it was the second of 2 ONE PIECE FILM RED prequel episodes showing us a bit more of young Luffy hanging out with Uta and Shanks. The episode begins with Uta talking with Shanks about Luffy being reckless, after which he comes along and annoys the Red-Haired captain to bring him aboard. Shortly after, they leave to train at sea, where the local Sea Monster made a quick cameo. After the scare, Uta talks about her dream to create many songs and make the world a happier place with her singing. She says she’ll create a “new genesis” and Luffy then exclaims that he will do the same, although he’s still unsure how.

Luffy is left behind in Foosha Village, but Uta teases him to get stronger and she might help him join. However, when the Red-Haired Pirates return, they’re all feeling down and Uta isn’t with them. Luffy quickly realized something must have happened, but Shanks denies it and says she just left the ship to become a singer. We then learn that the island of Elegia, where the ONE PIECE FILM RED takes place, has been destroyed by Shanks and his crew. We catch glimpses of young Zoro, Sanji, Nami and Usopp, as well as Garp and Sengoku talking about the incident.

Considering this wasn’t shown in the manga, it might not have actually happened, but Uta has been teased and it will be interesting to learn if her actual story is different from the movie. Episode 1030 also gave Benn Beckman a time to shine when he defended Luffy from some bandits, and we saw him mature near the end when he decided to forgive Shanks for not telling him the truth.

ONE PIECE episode 1031 will have to wait a bit as a special episode will premiere next week on August 28, and its title is “The Captain’s Log of the Legend! The Red-Haired Shanks!”. The ONE PIECE manga will release chapter 1058 next week as well. You can watch episode 1030 of ONE PIECE on Crunchyroll, and you can catch up to the latest manga chapter for free on either VIZ website or MANGA Plus.

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