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One Piece Film Red Announced For August 2022

Episode 1000 officially aired in Japan, and immediately after the broadcast, the ONE PIECE FILM RED was officially confirmed! It will be the next movie of the ONE PIECE franchise, with the release date set for August 6, 2022. You can see the official announcement post:

In addition, Eiichiro Oda left a special message, which suggests the FILM RED movie will also include a new female character. Whether it’s Shanks’ wife/sister or someone else, we can’t know at this point. Check out Oda-sensei’s message below:

ONE PIECE FILM RED – Eiichiro Oda message

English translation of the message:

We’re making a movie! “RED”!

I’m tired of drawing legendary old men in movies LOL! Let me draw a girl! “This is the character we wanted to create now!” That’s how it started. Did you know that the great director, Goro Taniguchi, who now seems like he is making something totally different from “ONE PIECE” was actually the first person in the world to make Luffy into an anime? Now, we have a lot of “surprises” in store for you. The new movie “RED”!

Please let your fantasy fuel your imagination while you look forward to it!

Eiichiro Oda, creator of ONE PIECE

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Fun fact about what Oda mentions above about Goro Taniguchi in his message. He’s referring to the first ONE PIECE OVA episode, One Piece: Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack!, which was produced by Production I.G for the 1998 Jump Super Anime Tour and which he directed. It was the very first animation for the series, so he was technically the first person in the world to animate Luffy!

There’s a little over 8 months for ONE PIECE FILM RED, so let’s look forward to seeing Shanks again! In the meanwhile, check out the reanimated opening of “We Are!” for episode 1000!

Source: Official Twitter
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/ Fuji Television Network/ Toei Animation

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