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One Piece Gear 5 Trailer Exceeds 16 Million Views in 10 Days

ONE PIECE is ready to make an impact on August 6, and the trailer for “Luffy’s Peak” Gear 5 trailer has exceeded 16 million views in just 10 days since release. It will be a new power-up for the protagonist, and the manga readers have known it was coming for a while now. Even the marketing team didn’t really avoid using it as promotion even before the latest trailer, so it’s no wonder that even the anime-only fans already know and look forward to seeing the next episode. The 16 million views are from combining the original video (~6.6M views at the time of writing) with the English-subtitled version (~10M views at the time of writing), and you can watch both below:

ONE PIECE – GEAR 5 Trailer | Combined 16 Million Views in 10 Days

The episode 1071 preview shows some more of Gear 5, and the episode is titled “Luffy’s Peak – Attained! GEAR5.”

ONE PIECE Episode 1071 & Chapter 1089 Release Date

Episode 1071 of the anime will release next Sunday on August 6, while the ONE PIECE manga will release chapter 1089 on the same day. You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll, while you can catch up to the latest manga chapter for free on either the VIZ website or the MANGA Plus website. 

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