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Prince of Tennis U-17 World Cup Anime Adaptation Announced

The anime Prince of Tennis is going to receive a new TV anime adaptation titled Prince of Tennis U-17 World Cup. The information was announced at the franchise’s 20th-anniversary event on October 10, 2021. The new series is a sequel to the original anime, that aired from 2001 until 2005, and had a total of 178 episodes. It will premiere in 2022 and you can check the key visual below:

Prince of Tennis U-17 World Cup anime key visual

According to the announcement from the anime’s official Twitter account, this will be the first TV animation series in the franchise after a decade.

The official website of the series uploaded a trailer, but it is currently not available outside Japan:

Junko Minagawa (Xinqui) will return as the voice of the protagonist, Ryoma Echizen. Keiichiro Kawaguchi (When They Cry – SOTSU) will be directing the new series on studios KAI (Super Cub) and M.S.C (Prince of Tennis OVAs).

In addition, the event uploaded a promotional video for the franchise’s 20th anniversary and you can watch it below:


Prince of Tennis is a Japanese manga series written by Takeshi Konomi. Shueisha started publishing it in July 1999 and it ended in March 2008, after a total of 42 volumes. The author also started writing a sequel manga titled The New Prince of Tennis in 2009. The same publisher is still publishing it, and it currently has 34 volumes available.

The original anime adaptation started in October 2001 and finished airing in March 2005. It also has an OVA that aired in 2003 and a movie titled The Prince of Tennis: Atobe Kara no Okurimono that premiered in 2005. Later on, an OVA series with a total of 26 episodes aired from 2006 to 2009. Another separate OVA series aired from 2009 to 2011 with a total of 8 episodes. It also has a movie that premiered in 2011.

The newest OVA series with the title The Prince of Tennis: Best Games!! started airing in 2014, which is still ongoing and currently has 3 episodes. The latest movie titled Ryoma! Rebirth: The Prince of Tennis Movie came out in September 2021.

Prince of Tennis Synopsis

There is a rumor going around that a twelve-year-old boy is going to enter the sixteen-year-old and under tennis group. How can someone so young ever hope to compete with kids much older and more experienced than him? This is no ordinary kid: he is none other than Ryoma Echizen, the Prince of Tennis! Ryoma’s father was destined for greatness until he injured himself during a match, ending his career forever. His talent was passed on to his son, who is determined to be the best tennis player in the world. Can the prince gain the respect of his fellow teammates despite his small size and young age? Find out in this intense sports manga!

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