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Princess Connect Season 2 Episode 1: A Silly Adventure

The gourmet guild finally returns for another season full of fun and silly adventures! Princess Connect Season 2 Episode 1 shows the ever-present quirkiness of the gang and somehow it’s more entertaining than before. May it be the better animation, the good pacing it has on the first episode, or the feeling of missing the craziness of this group. One thing’s for sure though is that this party still doesn’t disappoint to make your day. Warning: Some spoilers ahead!

A New Season, A New Adventure

The first scene that shows everyone’s morning routine gives off a pleasant atmosphere to welcome the brand new season. Yuki and Kokkoro doing chores while Karyl being the Karyl that we all know and love is still fast asleep. What really stood out the most though is the remarkable scene of Pecorine on top of a building, gazing at the Kingdom of Landosol. While the scene slowly pans over her, we can see in her eyes, admiring the kingdom that she holds dear in her heart. I absolutely find this scene stunning as it showcased the serious and endearing side of Pecorine. It almost made me forget that this character is a gluttonous, energetic, and free-spirited princess. How crazy is that?

After an exceptional overview of everyone, the group is having their breakfast while Kokkoro presents to them a map that leads to a legendary seasoning. Since they’re the gourmet guild and their goal is to seek out all the delicious food in the world, this quest is perfect for them, and without a doubt, they instantly accept.

Found Something More Precious

Their quest to find the legendary seasoning wasn’t as smooth as it should’ve been. They got lost in a coral forest and they get ambushed by furball monsters after eating the poisonous meat of one of them. Luckily though, they are saved by a mysterious adventurer who helps them in the end on their quest of finding the legendary seasoning. Though in the end, they fail to complete the quest due to a funny situation, what they found is the true meaning of being an adventurer – it’s not about completing the quest, it’s the journey and the memories you make with your party along the way. Sounds cliche, but this adventure they had made their bonds stronger.

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Character Development?

As expected, the gang’s adventure is still hilarious as ever. Yuki is still a dumbfounded MC who gets dragged again by the wolves that they encountered first on their adventure. What made the part funny is that this is the same thing that happened to him during the pilot episode of the franchise, except this time he was trying to befriend the wolves rather than attacking them. It just goes to show that despite him being still the dimwitted MC that we know, he’s trying to have a little bit of character development.

In everyone’s case, they’re still the same as before. Karyl continues to be this nagging tsundere, Kokkoro is as caring as ever while Pecorine is still this voracious and happy-go-lucky princess. Perhaps, maybe the main characters don’t need any development at all because their idiotic actions and priceless reactions are what make the series fun and entertaining. All in all, a great first episode to start off the new season and hopefully the next ones will also be filled with comical gags and bright and colorful scenes.

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