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Princess Connect Season 2 Episode 2: Karyl and the Idol Guild

The wackiness of Princess Connect doesn’t stop in episode 2, which introduces the brand new idol guild, Carmina. We also get to see more of Karyl in this episode as it was revealed that she’s still doing her master’s bidding to spy on the princess knight Pecorine.

Karyl’s Troubles

Although the preview of the 2nd episode was just about the new guild, this episode is actually more centered on Karyl. In the episode, it was shown that she’s still living a double life. She still goes on adventures with the gourmet guild and at the same time, she reports to her master the current status of the group. However, it was shown that she’s conflicted and confused on what’s her real identity – a spy or a princess knight. This gives more depth and substance to Karyl’s character to the point where it can rival Pecorine’s runaway princess story. As the episode gets darker, it’s revealed that the shadows return, and we might see more of Karyl’s as the story become even deeper.

The Idol Guild

It’s nice to see another guild with another concept being introduced into the series. Carmina is an idol guild with members that can sing, dance, and fight. The guild that puts up live concerts but for whatever reason, monsters always show up so they have to fight them as well to protect their fans. And speaking about their fans, it’s actually hilarious that Carmina’s die-hard fans are rugged, tough-looking men roaming around Landosol.

A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Episode 2 of Princess Connect was a rollercoaster of emotions because it had a bit of everything. There were funny, upbeat, sad, suspenseful, and wholesome moments all in one episode. I’m actually impressed that the episode managed to compress everything together at such a good pace. The fight scene while the concert was ongoing was the real highlight for me as it shows that idol songs can also be used as epic background music for action-packed scenes. Overall, no doubt a splendid follow-up episode from Princess Connect, and as the story moves forward and gets more serious and crazier at the same time, I couldn’t wait for the next one!

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