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Princess Connect Season 2 Episode 4 - The Most Visually Stunning Episode Yet

Princess Connect Season 2 episode 4 has aired and it is by far the most impressive episode of the series to date in terms of animation. This week’s episode was carried by not only the vibrant and dazzling action-packed moments but also the story’s progression. The episode also introduced new characters and it’s remarkable how each one has their own distinct personality, especially considering the number of characters the series has already featured.

The Caon Guild

The Caon guild is a team of 4 vigilantes that protects the beastfolk. They’re quite an interesting group and they remind me of the gourmet guild. We have Maho, who is laid-back yet compassionate and caring to her friends, Makoto who is tough and feisty, Kaori who is sincere but a bit naive, and Kasumi, who is confident and proud of her detective abilities. Compared to previous guilds that got introduced, we might get to see more of these four in the coming episodes.

A Mysterious Person

Aside from the new guild, a mysterious person appeared right in front of everyone. Her role in the story isn’t quite clear yet but it seems like she’s connected to Yuuki. After all, at the start of the episode, we were shown one of Yuuki’s dreams which was most likely from his past memory. Whether this is true or not or whatever the mysterious person’s part is, the series is absolutely getting better in every aspect.

Priconne Keeps Getting Better

Okay, first of all, I’m no sakuga expert (my expertise lies more with the voice actors), but I’m sure sakuga fans were in for a treat in this episode. What made it more compelling to me is that regardless of how godlike the animation is, the episode maintains the rollercoaster of emotions that the series has been offering so far. From the silly adventures of the gourmet guild at the start to the serious unraveling of the mysteries of the shadows, the pacing consistency is still spot on.

With that being said, as the series continues, the episodes just keep getting better and better. Even though we got more questions left unanswered and it keeps piling up, this episode feels like we’re halfway through the build-up since episode 2 of what’s about to come. Oh, did I mention that there’s a massive turn of events in the end that resulted in a cliffhanger? There’s no doubt that the next one will become the most anticipated episode yet of the 2nd season.

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