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PRISM Project Partners with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

Multinational VTuber production agency PRISM Project establishes a new partnership with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. in a major milestone that will help elevate the project’s vision. Sony Music Japan will take responsibility for PRISM Project’s management and production starting May 1, 2022 (Sunday). 

As a global leader, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) will apply its expertise in anime production, music production, voice actor/artist management and merchandising and bring opportunities for the growth of its talents. 

In its official statement, PRISM Project detailed that as the agency grew, its management team actively sought a suitable company to partner with in order to broaden its horizons and access new resources. “Today, PRISM Project is excited to announce that Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. will step in to assist our activities. Effective on May 1st, they will assume responsibility for the main management and production of PRISM Project.”

With SMEJ’s entry into PRISM Project, its founders who go by the names of “Cap” and “Hacker” will move into advisory roles. A new PRISM producer will be debuting on Twitter at the same time to represent this major partnership. 

We spoke to the incoming PRISM producer about the opportunities in store for the agency, as well as its position in SMEJ’s umbrella of VTuber-related interests.

Anime Corner (AC): Aside from management operations, do we expect more PRISM Agents to have their own original songs in the future?

PRISM producer (P): With their skill and expertise, we’re excited to have the opportunity to work with the Sony Music team on more music production going forward!

AC: What will be PRISM Project’s place in SMEJ’s VTuber umbrella? Should we expect collaborations between these brands?

P: PRISM will be a separate project under the same Sony Music division as the VEE, VERSE, and Virtual Cinderella Project groups. Collaborations are a possibility in the future!

AC: Is there any hint of adding more agents to the roster after this development?
P: While there are no current plans for PRISM expansion, we’re looking forward to exploring possibilities in the future!

PRISM Project officially launched in 2021 with three talents (called “Agents”) and a founding team. Currently, the project has 12 active Agents with a worldwide fanbase:

Sony Music Japan’s VTuber investments include Virtual Cinderella Project in cooperation with Bilibili, produced by Rino Sashihara; the VERSEⁿ project under Sony Music Labels’ NeOFRONT brand and Helixes; and the upcoming VEE virtual talent and development project which is expected to debut 50 virtual talents. 

Sony Music Japan also has a major investment in ANYCOLOR Inc., the management company of Nijisanji.

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