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Queen Bee Performs Oshi no Ko Ending "Mephisto" on The First Take

Japanese rock band Queen Bee performed the Oshi no Ko ending theme song “Mephisto” on The First Take. The creditless version for the song was released on April 19, with the official music following on May 17. The band’s lead vocalist Avu-chan and guitar player Hibaru-chan performed the live version.

The First Take describes the track as: A song that generated a massive buzz as the ending theme to the anime “OSHI NO KO” and has proven to be QUEEN BEE’s greatest streaming hit in the band’s history. Enjoy this dynamic one-shot performance of “Mephisto,” delivered in an alluring white space with an arrangement created specifically for THE FIRST TAKE.

Said performance comes days after Queen Bee performed the last leg of their “Mephisto Summon” nationwide concert tour on July 3, held at the Zepp Haneda. Moreover, the performance comes almost three years since Queen Bee first appeared on the channel with “Flame” (opening theme for Dororo anime series) and “BL” (opening theme for 10 Secrets drama series).

Queen Bee is known for several anime theme songs: “HALF” the ending theme for Tokyo Ghoul:re, “Mysterious” as the opening theme for Raven of the Inner Palace, and “VIOLENCE” as the ending theme for episode 11 of Chainsaw Man.

The First Take is a channel that allows musicians to perform their songs in one take. Some of the artists that performed on the channel in the past include Creepy NutsClaRisLiSaAi HiguchiAimerJO1, and Masayuki Suzuki alongside Suu.

Source: Official YouTube

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