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Ai Higuchi Performs "Akuma no Ko" on The First Take

Ai Higuchi performed her Attack on Titan ending theme song “Akuma no Ko” on The First Take. The song was released on January 9, along with the premiere of the latest installment of Attack on Titan anime and the title means “Devil’s Child” when translated.

The channel describes Higuchi’s performance as: Questioning the idea of “rightness” that sometimes doesn’t guide people but causes conflicts instead, Ai Higuchi performs the song in a one-shot paying the piano, only for THE FIRST TAKE.

The singer and songwriter commented under the video saying “Question your own common sense and beliefs. I would rather be a kind person than a strong one.” The song was written and composed by Ai Higuchi, with Shuu Kanemtasu doing the arrangement. “Akuma no Ko” was released as a single with another Attack on Titan-inspired song “Massarana Daichi.” Both songs were featured on Ai Higuchi’s fourth album, which was released in March of this year.

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This was Ai Higuchi’s first appearance on THE FIRST TAKE channel, which hosted LiSA, yama, ClariS, and more artists over the years. The channel doesn’t focus exclusively on anime songs but it does offer artists an opportunity to perform their hits in a single take. Attack on Titan composed, Hiroyuki Sawano, also appeared on it in the past.

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