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The First Slam Dunk Film Introduces Teacher Anzai in New Countdown Trailer

The First Slam Dunk anime film unveiled the basketball team’s teacher Mitsuyoshi Anzai in a new countdown trailer that also featured five members of the club on Friday. The premiere date is set for December 3. The anime released a short trailer featuring the opening theme song on Wednesday.

At the beginning of the trailer, we can see Mitsuyoshi Anzai, the teacher and supervisor of the Shohoku High School Basketball Team. “The Starting Five of Shohoku High School Basketball Team” flashes on the screen and introductions for the team members follow. Ryota Miyagi, Hisashi Mitsui, Kaede Rukawa, Hanamichi Sakuragi, and Takenori Akagi are introduced with their player numbers and positions.

The First Slam Dunk unveils Mitsuyoshi Anzai in the countdown trailer

Studios Toei Animation and DandeLion Animation Studio are animating the film based on Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk manga, which was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from October 1990 to June 1996 with a total of 31 volumes. The series surpassed 120 million circulating copies. The manga’s author is directing and writing the script for the adaptation.

Viz Media licensed the manga for English releases and all the volumes are published. The official website describes the plot of the first volume as:
Takehiko Inoue’s legendary beloved basketball manga is finally here and the tale of a lifetime is in your hands.
Hanamichi Sakuragi’s got no game with girls–none at all! It doesn’t help that he’s known for throwing down at a moment’s notice and always coming out on top. A hopeless bruiser, he’s been rejected by 50 girls in a row! All that changes when he meets the girl of his dreams, Haruko, and she’s actually not afraid of him! When she introduces him to the game of basketball, his life is changed forever…

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