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Re Zero: Season 2 Episode 21: Subaru Fights Back

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This week’s episode of Re: ZERO or Re: Life in a different world from Zero comes with a theme: “Time to Fight Back.”

After so much suffering, Subaru and co. have finally figured out their best plan. Everything leads up to this last-ditch effort to protect both the sanctuary and everyone in the mansion. For the first time in a while, the action sequences are the center of attention this week. The storytelling doesn’t take any steps backward, it remains top-notch. Some amazing fights are beginning to shape up, and the excitement is ramping up as well.

Re Zero Season 2 Episode 21 can best be broken into three parts. First, we start off with the immediate crew getting some upgrades, and a quick pep talk. Subaru addresses the sanctuary and takes a new leadership role. His character development has taken leaps this season, and he looks so proud to address everyone. Once shy and timid, he shows almost no signs of his old self and instills confidence in everyone. While that group sets off to the mansion, Ram heads to meet Emilia after she finishes her trial. They get a touching moment where Ram acknowledges that she had little faith in Emilia, to begin with. However, after seeing the growth of both Emilia and Subaru, Ram states she can look to them to fulfill her requests. She pleads for Emilia to help her quell Roswaal and his quest of insanity.

Roswaal in turn appears before them feigning congratulations for Emilia’s success. He begins to unload a monologue stating how alike he and Subaru are, but Emilia has none of it. She buckles down and tells him how deluded he is, that he’s nothing like Subaru in the end. Emilia also matured quite a bit so far this season, and her talking back to Roswaal is evident of that.

After she leaves to take on her next trial, Roswall sets off to take on his own plan with Ram in pursuit. She corners him in the barrier’s core and lets him know she won’t accept his plans any longer. Roswaal tries to play some mind games, but they achieve little as Ram looks dead on. Roswaal admits that it’s unexpected, but that in his current state, Ram is no match for him. Ram states what he said is probably true, but reveals a secret weapon of her own.

We end with the arrival of Subaru and Garfiel in the nick of time in Elsa’s raid on the mansion. This episode was amazing on its own with some long-awaited confrontations beginning to happen. However, the beauty of it lies in how great it sets up the episode for next week. I cannot wait for next week’s episode with some amazing fights on the horizon.

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Images via the Official Re: ZERO Twitter and Crunchyroll

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