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Redo of Healer Episode 7: Keyaru Tries to Save the Villagers

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Redo of Healer Episode 7 aired on February 24 and it showed us some gruesome scenes as Keyaru tried to save the villagers. The episode picks where the previous one left off so, as always, beware of spoilers!

Redo of Healer Episode 7 screenshot via HiDive

As Keyaru steps forward to save the villagers, he makes it clear that he has no intention of giving up. After getting attacked he slaughters the knights and terrifies everyone present. Even when the knights started killing villagers, Keyaru kept moving forward killing his enemies one by one. Thanks to the help of Freia, he also manages to disable the trap that was supposed to kill him.

Redo of Healer Episode 7 screenshot via HiDive

After some time, Freia “impersonates” Flare to give a speech in front of all of the people gathered. What she says sums up to “people from the kingdom are bad cause they are exploiting other races for their own merit”. That makes the commoners turn on the knights and chaos begins. Unfortunately, Keyaru manages to save only one person, a kid from his village.

Redo of Healer Episode 7 screenshot via HiDive

The episode ends with the introduction of some of the plans that Norn, Flare’s sister, has. After that, we get to see, in an uncensored version, yet another intercourse scene featuring the main trio of the series. We can’t wait for Keyaru’s confrontation with Norn that’s supposed to happen in the next episode!

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Screenshots via HiDive stream where you can watch Redo of Healer Episode 7.
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