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Remake Our Life Episode 4: Fear of Commitment

Episode 4 of the anime series Remake Our Life finally premiered and Nanako faces the truth about her passion and commitment! We all know facing the truth can be painful but only we, ourselves, can cope up and do something about it.

This week’s episode might be a bit hard for Nanako which is why our best boy Kyoya will be there to help. He shows us how important it is to have a friend in times of need.

Team Kitayama Plus’ New Project

With the addition of Genkirou and Kawasegawa to the team, Team Kitayama Plus starts off with a new project at the beach! We’re seeing gorgeous outfits and a lively production team I’d say. Also, it seems that the team is currently shooting a new film project having Nanako as the lead actress again.

While shooting at night, a petite, childish girl shows up in the middle of the dark shocking Kyoya and Kawasegawa. What’s more, is that this tiny girl is actually their senior named, Keiko Tomioka. She’s currently working for a doujin game circle and is quite interested in Kyoya’s directing skills.

The Truth About Her Passion

The screening day came in an instant and Team Kitayama Plus obviously made an astounding output. Although, the following team presented such flabbergasting acting performance that made Nanako quite anxious with her own actions.

While the following team presented such an amazing performance, Team Kitayama Plus still took first place which made Nanako curious. She asked their professor, Misaki Kanou as to how such irrational ranking was made. Her professor pointed out that while acting is crucial to any film, it is not the only aspect one should look at.

But what’s commendable is that the other team’s acting was serious while her own performance isn’t quite at its fullest. And Kawasegawa specified the reason why her acting was not serious enough; it’s because her true passion was singing. Nanako took the role of an actor because of her fear of making the commitment to improve her own talent.

The Singer and Her Hero

After hearing the truth, Nanako spent her time alone feeling depressed and unsure of her own thoughts. It is as if she was quite in the loss and there’s nothing left for her to do. Music has always been a part of her life, and she always loved singing since she was a kid. Yet, something kept bothering her that she decided to run away from her passion.

But always remember that our main character Kyoya has been through a lot in his past life. He knew what to do and how he could help Nanako; by simply adjusting the recorded audio of her singing. He found a way and urged Nanako to speak up with him in order for her to achieve her true dreams.

Always remember that it is important to have a reliable friend by your side. Although, we should also know the right time to ask for help and it should not be abused. In Kyoya’s point of view, it feels very heart-warming to be able to help your friend in need.

This week’s episode showed us the importance of making commitments and being true to ourselves. Running away from our passion and letting ourselves be scared will not do us any good. Just like how Nanako said, we should always try our best and figure things out on our own!

You can watch episode 4 of Remake Our Life here on Crunchyroll and Ani-One Asia’s Official YouTube Channel! Once you’re done watching, you could read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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