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Iruma-Kun Season 2 Episode 15: Attack On Walter Park

Iruma-kun season 2 episode 15, “Magical Beasts Attack,” is ready for consumption. Basically, this week’s episode was written by Isayama, where 3 big ol’ beasties breach the park. So far it seems like each group will each take on one of the newly sprung Beasts. However, at the moment, this week’s focus was on Kalego’s group, with a little feature from Iruma sprinkled here and there.

For an anime known more for its wholesome moments, this was a pretty drastic change in tones. The storytelling actually gets fairly dark, relative to the show. As such it’s the absolute perfect chance for character development. Don’t worry however as there is still plenty of laughable moments ahead, but consider this your spoiler warning!

Iruma-kun episode 15 picks up just about where the last episode left off. Last we saw, The 6 fingers were beginning their coup over Walter park and are releasing chaos. So to basically explain the plot, Agares lays out the foundation for the arc, using his bloodline ability. Previously established in the Royal One arc, they make a pretty important return this week.

Through Agares ability and explanation, Iruma and the viewer learn what’s happening at the same time which is a nice feature. Three mana ‘nests’ have appeared and through these Magical Beasts have hatched to rampage through Walter Park. The story then focuses on Kalego’s group featuring Jazz, Lied, Kamui, and Goeman.

From Left-Right (Jazz, Kamui, Lied, Goeman)

For easy distinguishing, I’ll label the beasts by Colors from here on, with Red, Yellow, and Blue. Kaelgo’s group gets the absolute displeasure of trying to take down ‘Blue’. In a true Attack on Titan comparison, these beasts tower over the kids. Obviously being kids and significantly weaker by all accounts they want to run away from the danger. Kalego on the other hand, being the sociopath he is, decides to make this a learning opportunity.

So instead, we get to see the boys come together and try and manage to stop a massive rampaging beast. To their credit, they do a fairly good job being first-year students. However, they can’t seem to contain the beasts for more than an instance. The boys turn to Jazz as a de facto leader and we get some background on him.

Honestly, it’s a fairly mature theme for this show, as we begin watching his brother abuse Jazz growing up. This flashback gave me a newfound respect for him as a character despite his tendency for kleptomania. He seems to genuinely care about others he considers close, and when prompted too he steps up to the plate like the older brother he never had.

We end on a serious note for Iruma as well, as we get to see him have some character development as well. While Jazz’s group does their best to handle their beast, Iruma and his group start working their way to safety. However there is a moment where a boy screams for help, and Iruma sees that no one seems to care. A cruel dose of reality for him, as he remembers that despite everything so far, and all of his friends, these are in fact demons.

They act as they see fit, and put their personal self before others. He tragically has to listen to the staff state they simply can’t help everyone. This seems to be a major catalyst for growth for Iruma as he is overcome by a new emotion. The boy who has only ever smiled begins to learn the feeling of rage.

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