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Iruma-Kun Season 2 Episode 14: The Good, The Bad And The Gorgeous

Iruma-kun season 2 episode 14, “Everyone’s Playmates,” is released. So after finally getting into the park last week, the competition heats up. Each group tries their best to have the most fun. The girls play dress-up, Kalego’s group gets hustled, and Iruma gets into stranger danger.

From the very first minute, this episode brings the party and doesn’t let up. One of my favorites of the season for sure, we get to see everything this show has to offer. Cute wholesome moments, combined with some of the most fun you can get from an anime. Spoilers Ahead!

In Iruma-kun episode 14 there is so much that happens in this episode I would be here for days to describe it. However, that main focus is basically 3 things. The ‘Good’ is the time the kids have in their respective groups interacting with the ‘Walter Staff’. For the girls, we see a cute moment of Ameri and Claire as 2 members of the dress shop custom-fit Clara. Their moment was brief but it was precious to see and Clara looked stunning.

For the boys, though we get absolute chaos for each of them. Kalego’s group is struggling to get their teacher to have fun and are falling far behind in the competition. Though luckily two shady guys come to liven things up, and as it so happens they are Walter Staff too. They get the boys to play some games and forget about their struggles, and it works in their favor. Finally, Iruma’s group seems to be having the most fun and takes the lead in the compeition

Now for the ‘Bad’, it’s Iruma’s first time in an amusement park, and you can absolutely tell. He finds everything fun, and is simply having a blast no matter what he does. Ronove takes the lead, which was probably why it all goes wrong. Distracted by life, Iruma gets lost in some back alley, where a creepy guy tries to lead him into a dark corner. However, a slightly less creepy white-haired lady named Shiida comes to Iruma’s rescue. Though as scary as she comes across, she’s actually a Walter staff member too.

She’s actually in fact super nice, just really awkward – and their interactions were probably my second favorite part of the episode. She struggles with communication, but makes the concerted effort to take Iruma under her wing. Her brunt personality and his genuine nature are perfect compliments for each other. Together they make this episode the greatness that it is, and it’s a pleasure to watch. Though Ameri is still in fact best girl.

Now the only reason Iruma and Shiida’s cute wholesome moments aren’t my favorite part of Iruma-Kun Season Episode 14, is that Agares exist. We finally get the reveal for his eyes, and he simply is ‘gorgeous’. I mean, just look at him, he will only face competition for the best eyes in Anime from Vivy and Gojo.

In conclusion: another great episode to watch no matter what you’re into, Iruma-kun season 2 episode 14 remains a must-watch for Summer 2021. The comedy, directing and animation stay strong, and the end of this week’s episode alludes to a drastic change in the story.

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All images are via the Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun 2 Episode 14 stream on Crunchyroll.

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