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My Hero Academia Episode 104: Uraraka Steals The Spotlight Again!

My Hero Academia Episode 104 aired on Saturday, giving fans a relaxing adventure. Beach scenes, action, and another day of work, the episode never once felt as if we had to worry about anything. Spoilers Ahead!

Early Contrast Was A Nice Touch

At the very beginning of episode 104, there were noticeable differences in how work studies are going. We see Deku and Bakugo trying to catch their breath as their first-day training with Endeavor ends. Meanwhile, Uraraka, Tsu, and Nejire are celebrating after their first day, eating sweets and relaxing.

None of this really ends up having any weight to the episode, let alone the series. But it’s a nice touch to really give you a perspective on how different their training is in contrast to Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki with Endeavor.

The Mission

The Trigger drug used earlier in the series found its way back this week. As I predicted in the preview article, the villains in episode 104 end up being people we’ll never see again. While this is the case because it’s filler, it was fun seeing a past conflict make its way back into the series.

Selkie decides to call Ryuku and the group for help. Tsu and Selkie have a heartwarming reunion. And off they go to stop these guys from distributing Trigger overseas. But before that — obligatory anime beach scene.

Uraraka Steals The Show Once Again

Remember during the Joint Training Arc when Uraraka played a huge role? And how her work ended up leading her team to a victory? Well, she ends up doing the same on Saturday in episode 104. With everyone feeling like they’ve failed the mission, Uraraka decides to basically get shot off like a canon.

No… Seriously. She holds onto a harpoon and is shot into the air. It is actually a pretty wild scene all-around and the soundtrack made it even better.

Uraraka manages to subdue the pilot trying to fly the plane away. Everyone basically tells her to ditch the plane, but Uraraka reassures that if Trigger leaks into the sea it would harm the ecosystem. She takes over the controls and, with Ryuku and Najire’s help, lands the plane.

Yes, Uraraka basically flew a plane by herself for the first time and saved the environment in doing so.

Captain Planet would be proud.

Episode 104 never once made the audience feel like it was a Uraraka episode. If anything, the preview seemed as if it were going to be more focused on Selkie and Tsu’s reunion. But for the second time this season, Uraraka steps up to the plate and saves the day.

Next Week’s Episode

Episode 105 of My Hero Academia will air next Saturday, July 24th, on Crunchyroll and Funimation. If you thought episode 104 of My Hero Academia was great, then make sure to vote for it in our weekly poll!

Next week, it’s back to business with Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, and Endeavor!

What was your favorite moment from episode 104? Has anyone moved up or down on your favorite character list after this episode? Leave your comments about the episode down below!

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