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Return of the King in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 261

It feels like a lifetime since the shock of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 235 that left the entire internet reeling—a staggering eight months waiting with bated breath while the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna, has rampaged through Shinjuku—and given us all some shocking revelations about Yuji Itadori. Now, with the release of Chapter 261, readers of the popular shonen series finally have answers about the fate of the “strongest sorcerer,” Satoru Gojo.

Heavy spoilers for the Shinjuku Showdown arc of Jujutsu Kaisenyou’ve been warned!

What Happened to Gojo?

If September 2023 feels like a decade ago (we won’t blame you), then here’s a quick refresher on the landscape of Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen. Following an abrupt end to the Culling Game, Sukuna cleverly used his pact with Yuji to hijack his body. With Yuji’s enhanced strength, he channeled his malevolent soul into a finger, chopped it off, and forced it down poor Megumi Fushiguro’s throat, taking control of his body. This led to the beginning of the Shinjuku Showdown arc, commemorated in a special video called “Strongest vs Strongest.”

After an intense battle across multiple chapters, Gojo unfortunately met his end to a near-fully-awakened Sukuna, who quite literally sliced the ‘Strongest Sorcerer’ in half (an event that R&B singer Usher spoiled to millions of fans). After this, it seemed like our heroes had almost no chance of victory, even after Yuji pulled out all the stops to keep Sukuna on his toes.

Sorcerors Get Stitches

Now Chapter 261 has arrived and Satoru Gojo is back! Well, his body is, anyway. The latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen is a bittersweet reunion with everyone’s favorite blue-eyed boy. Unfortunately, he well and truly died within the context of the story (although we’re holding out against hope his soul is hanging around somewhere). That won’t stop Yuta Okkotsu, however!

Having successfully killed Kenjaku many chapters ago, Yuta uses his copying ability to steal Kenjaku’s Cursed Technique—the one that allows him to inhabit other bodies. Unfortunately, the nature of Kenjaku’s technique is poorly understood even by the sorcerers—either Yuta will die within Gojo’s body after the five minutes of Rika’s manifestation elapses, or in the worst case, Yuta will eventually lose his own Cursed Technique and be forced to live in Gojo’s body forever.

Most of Yuta’s allies are against the idea, insisting that Yuta maintain his humanity and not become a “monster” like Gojo. When both Gojo and Yuta end up in Shoko’s medical bay, Yuta activates his borrowed Cursed Technique to jump into Satoru Gojo’s body and begin the next phase of the showdown against Sukuna!

Chapter 261 ends with a new clash of domains between the two “Strongest Sorcerers,” this time with Sukuna very much on his last legs thanks to the combined efforts of Gojo’s comrades and students.

Will the second coming of Gojo finally spell the end of Sukuna?

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