Home Review: Tista Volume 1 - Tatsuya Endo's First Serialized Manga

Review: Tista Volume 1 - Tatsuya Endo's First Serialized Manga

VIZ Media recently released the English version of Tista volume 1, and it’s another manga from the SPY x FAMILY creator Tatsuya Endo. The manga is the first serialized work from the creator, and it was serialized from 2007 to 2008 and had a total of 9 chapters over 2 volumes. I will share my thoughts on the first one below.

Tista – Volume 1 Manga Cover

The story takes place in New York and follows Tista Lone, an orphan who was picked up by the Church and now lives a double life as the Grim Reaper of NYC. Unlike the now ongoing SPY x FAMILY, the fact that the protagonist is a teenager who’s been killing for 10 years already makes for some different psychological topics. Tista isn’t too mature, and she was taught to religiously listen to orders and kill.

Tatsuya Endo had a fun naming sense even 15 years ago, with the other main character being Arty Drawer – an artist. Upon meeting him, Tista begins to struggle internally as she talks with him about her dream of some day becoming a teacher. The dynamic between the two is cute to see, although Arty has a rather hard time breaking through Tista’s shell. The first volume covers 4 of the 9 total chapters, and I look forward to seeing what ends up happening there.

While the story isn’t too original (child loses parents, gets taken into an organization, trains to become a cold-blooded killer only to get free later down the line, perhaps with the power of friendship), the art-style is really good and it’s very easy to read. While I personally felt like the Church and God theme was a bit much, I can imagine that it wasn’t as overused in 2007 as it is now. There are also some things that picked my interest, such as the eyes Tista has which allow her to snipe people from over 1500 yards. Who was the man who gave Tista the bunny? How do they pick the candidate to ‘inherit’ the eyes? Who runs the Church and then how will a teenager manage to escape?

Overall, I can recommend Tista volume 1, if only to check out another work from the SPY x FAMILY creator which has a more serious feel to it. Like I wrote above, the story isn’t too original, but it’s still a very enjoyable read and flows quickly. You can buy the volume or read a free preview via VIZ Media’s website. They describe the story:
Tista leads a dual life as the grim reaper of New York City and a university student studying to be a teacher. With extraordinary eyesight allowing her to make long-range shots with unrivaled accuracy, she has come to be feared by the criminal underground. Tista knows she’s doomed, but can her feelings for a young man she just met bring her back from the abyss? And what will she do if he finds out who she really is?

There’s also a trailer for the manga:

Endo Tatsuya by 2007 © TISTA
Anime Corner received a review copy of Viz Media’s release of the Tista manga for review purposes.

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