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Re:Zero Season 2 Announces New Opening And Ending Songs

The first part of Re:Zero Season 2 ended a few months ago, and it left us at an Otto cliffhanger! The second part will premiere in January next year, which is when us anime watchers will finally see what that was about. The artists for both the opening and ending songs of the 2nd cour of Re:Zero Season 2 were revealed. The opening song will be performed by Mayu Maeshima, and the title is “Long shot”. As for the ending, nonoc is back to perform “Believe in you”.

Mayu Maeshima was in the band MYTH & ROID when they performed the ending theme “Styx Helix” for the first half of season one of Re:ZERO. They were also in charge of the opening theme for the second half called “Paradisus-Paradoxum”. She left the band in November 2017.

As for nonoc, she debuted in the Re:Zero OVA Memory Snow with songs “Relive” and “White White Snow”. She also sang the first ending for the second season, titled “Memento”. Her single “start*frost” was used as the opening for another popular anime (Astra Lost in Space).

So both artists were already involved with the franchise, looking forward to the new Re:Zero Season 2 songs (in January)!
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