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Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 23: Ram Reveals Her Feelings

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Season 2 released episode 23 this Wednesday, and it was a great watch as usual! White Fox delivered another 28+ minutes of action with no OP or ED sequences, and 3 major sides showed progress. As Garfiel and Frederica fought Elsa and Meili, Subaru took Rem and tried to get away with Petra and Otto. They ended up having to fight the big mabeast, though Subaru’s initial plan failed and Otto had to use the oil he bought to save the day. Subaru then sent the 3 away and went back to save Beatrice, disappearing for the rest of the episode.

As the fight between Garfiel, Elsa, Frederica and Meili continued, we also got to see Emilia’s trial for the future. After being shows a ton of random scenes from potential futures (some of which might happen in future episodes!), she went to Echidna’s tea party domain. Although the fan-favorite witch wasn’t there, my favorite witch Minerva was instead. After a brief talk, she cried and revealed that she knew Emilia’s mother in the past. She hugged Emilia before leading her to the door. After waking up, she shut down the barrier and got outside to see a snowstorm is underway.

Then we got back to Garfiel x Elsa. Our boy already knew that Elsa was a vampire, but was still determined to win. He was especially badass as he twisted the hippo mabeast’s neck in his tiger form, and it didn’t dull his resolve in the slightest. After a few more minutes of fighting, we also learned Elsa’s sad backstory, though she might have gotten taken down already after Garfiel threw the Hippo’s corpse straight at her.

Garfiel Tinzel!

Last, but not least, we got to see the fight between Ram and Puck against Roswaal. Although there were some large scale spells being thrown around, the highlight was Ram’s confession of love. Roswaal didn’t believe it, saying that she must hate him, but Ram was serious. As Puck bluffed the serious transformation, Ram managed to steal his Book of Wisdom and throw it in the fire. Sadly, she kind of got rejected for now as a huge blast followed and blew her away, ending the episode.

All in all, episode 23 of Re:Zero Season 2 was beautiful! If you think it deserves to rank higher this week, vote for it on Anime Corner’s weekly poll! (it ranked 8th last week.) You can already watch the episode on Crunchyroll!

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