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Russia Bans Attack on Titan Live-Action Film and More

The Russian government decided to ban even more shows. Not only are shows like “Akira“, several isekai productions, and shows such as “Death Note“, “Tokyo Ghoul“, and “Inuyashiki” banned, now they decided to add even more things to the list. Russia decided to ban “Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge”, “Happy Tree Friends”, and “Attack on Titan” live-action film. Among the banned shows we can also see “Dead Space: Downfall,” and “Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic”.

According to the United Press Service of the St. Petersburg Courts in Russia, “Attack on Titan” shows footage that “includes scenes incomparable in cruelty: naked titans tear people apart and devour them, devour children, rivers of blood are shed before the final scene of the film, a depressing mood of powerlessness and hopelessness hovers in it.”

You can also see the trailer of the “Attack on Titan” live-action film below:

“Attack on Titan” live-action film official trailer

The court concluded, “The consumption of this film by minors may cause harm to the mental health, spiritual, and moral development, as well as the formation of phobic reactions in them.”

After adding the “Attack on Titan” live-action to the list, the number of Japanese shows legally unavailable in Russia keeps growing.

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Source: The Moscow Times
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