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Russian High School Girl From Roshidere Is Now a VTuber

The official Twitter account for “Roshidere” teased that the series will have an important announcement on July 22, 2021. Apparently, Arya, the main heroine of “Roshidere”, will make her debut as a VTuber on July 29, 2021. According to the press release, it’s the first time in the history of light novels that a 3D model of a character will stream. Sumire Uesaka will be the voice of Arya during the streams, and Kohei Amasaki will voice Masachika Kuse. Arya’s debut stream will start on July 29, 2021, at 9 PM JST!

Also, you can see Tweet announcing the VTuber debut stream of Arya from “Roshidere” below:

The light novel tells a story about a Russian high school girl who teases the main protagonist in Russian, unaware that he understands her. What’s more, the new rom-com light novel, written by sun sun sun, had to be reprinted 7 times as it exceeded 85,000 copies in circulation back in May 2021! Moreover, the full title of the work is “Tokidoki Bosotto Rosiago de Dereru Tonari no Arya-san”.

You can also see the cover of the 1st “Roshidere” volume below:

Cover of Volume 1 of “Roshidere” by sun sun sun

Source: Official Twitter and Press Release

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