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HIDIVE Streams Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory "See-Through" Version

The “see-through” version of the ecchi animeMother of the Goddess’ Dormitory is now available to stream on HIDIVE. The streaming service officially announced that they were going to add the new version to their catalog, in addition to the two they already have on July 16th. The first episode of the aforementioned “see-through” version aired on the streaming platform on July 20th, 2021.

Image from a censored stream

‘Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory’ anime is streaming in Japan in three different versions. Censored, uncensored, and the “see-through versions are all available. HIDIVE was already streaming the censored and uncensored versions, which started airing on July 14th.

What is “see-through” version?

In some anime, you often see steam and light beams which are used to censor “problematic” content. In the “see-through” version, you can still see those things but you can also see through them. Thus, the light effect in the image above will still appear on the actual stream, but at the same time, you will also be able to see everything beneath it.

The HIDIVE stream of the “see-through” version of the anime ‘Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory’ will be available in Scandinavia, North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Netherlands, Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.

HIDIVE describes the series’ plot as:

Down-on-his-luck Koushi Nagumo needs a place to stay, and he finds one in the Goddess’ Dormitory at a women’s college. But to keep his new lodgings, he’ll have to become the “Dorm Mother” to the college’s most unruly and eccentric students!

Source: HIDIVE
Screenshot via HIDIVE
©2021 Ikumi Hino/女神寮

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