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Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory Episode 8: Christmas Fan Service

Kiriya is the star of episode 8 of Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory. In the previous episode, we were able to see Atena and Sutea in their maid outfits. This week though, we can see Kiriya and Serene in a Santa outfit, together with an undressed Atena.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

To begin with, Kiriya needs to go to their family dojo to hold a Christmas party for the kids studying there. Of course, Atena and Koushi say that they will help her buy the things she needs for it. However, on the day they were supposed to go shopping, Koushi walks inside the bathroom to clean it. There she finds that Atena is still there, not wearing anything. Thus, she tries to run but bumps Koushi and both of them fall to the floor. Hence, Atena blushes and blood comes out to her nose again and she was not able to go shopping with Koushi and Kiriya. The same thing also happens on the day of the Christmas party, so Serene replaces Atena’s role and joins Koushi and Kiriya on their trip to the dojo.

Sick Atena

For me, this scene is a heavenly sight for the eyes. Although I’m sad because this means that Atena can’t go to the Christmas party and I can see her wearing a Santa outfit. Considering that I’m a member of team Atena, watching an episode with fewer “Atena scenes” makes me really sad. Still, the episode did a good job to bring an incredible Atena fan service scene as compensation.


Koushi, Kiriya, and Serene travel to the dojo to organize the kid’s Christmas party. The first thing they do is to join the kids in their class with Kiriya as the instructor since it’s still early. After a few hours, Koushi started to decorate the room with the help of the kids. Then, Kiriya and Serene walk into the room while wearing a Santa outfit to start the party. Since Frey is the one who made those clothes, we can expect that they are a bit explicit. Even though it’s a fact, Kiriya gathers her courage to ask Koushi if she looks good in her outfit and he says that it’s cute.

Embarrassed Kiriya

For me, Kiriya really looks indecent in the outfit. However, her reaction is also cute. She also blushes because Koushi can see her in that outfit, which makes us see her feminine side. If you will examine it carefully, Kiriya was a bit boyish in the previous episodes of Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory, so seeing her cuteness is nice. Well, I also admit that she really looks cool in men’s attire from the 7th episode.


The next one on the list is Serene. She is also wearing an indecent Santa outfit, just like Kiriya. Unfortunately, Atena was supposed to be the one to wear that. Well, Serene is still cute in that attire and she is acting like a kid. The children ask her to ride Koushi’s back because he is dressed as a reindeer. Serene agrees and hops on him. There, Koushi notices that Serene is not wearing any underwear. What’s worse is that she starts to rub her hips against Koushi’s back knowing the fact that she is not wearing any lingerie.

Serene riding on Koushi

This is a mind-bending scene for me. Honestly, I can’t stop laughing at this one. The happy kids watching them also made the scene funnier. The time came where Koushi couldn’t endure the sensation so he ran away as fast as he could to take Serene to the changing room.

Anyway, the episode ended with Kiriya trying to kiss Koushi but Serene interrupted her. If you are curious about what kind of fan service that the anime holds in the future, just watch it on HIDIVE. Episode 9 will air on September 8, 2021.

Lastly, if episode 8 of Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory makes you happy by seeing Kiriya’s feminine side, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

Series Synopsis

12-year-old boy Kōshi Nagumo, finds himself homeless, penniless, and without relatives to care for him. As he lies on the street, he gets picked up to become the “dorm mother” of a dormitory full of troubled female university students. (via HIDIVE edited by AC)

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