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Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory Episode 6: What is Atena to Koushi?

Frey makes her move in episode 6 of Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory! Following the events from the previous episode, it seems that Koushi is confused because of Atena’s actions. And so, Frey tries to reach out to Koushi because she noticed that something is bothering him.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

To begin with, after leaving the haunted manor, the residents of the “Goddes’ Dorm”, together with Sutea go to the beach. There, Koushi watches their actions, but he can’t keep his cool whenever he sees Atena. With that in mind, Sutea is also observing Koushi’s movements. However, due to various circumstances, she almost drowns, and Koushi tries to save her, which catches the attention of the other girls.

Koushi peeking at Atena using a binocular

I’m really proud of Koushi because aside from Sutea, he also saves Atena from the other boys who try to hit on her. My only thought while watching this was “Protect Atena at all cost”. I got really annoyed when I saw those boys, but thanks to Koushi, Atena was not hurt.

Confused Koushi

When they were about to go home, Sutea and Frey notice that something is bothering Koushi. He was not talking that them that much, and he was also not smiling. Koushi looks like his mind is preoccupied with something. Even at home, Koushi can’t do his responsibilities properly. Cooking is his specialty, but there are times that he overlooks boiling pots on the stove. When washing the dishes, Atena usually helps him, but this time, he declines her offer. He is even not responding to compliments about his cooking.

Atena trying to force her smile

I don’t know what to feel while I was watching this part. He is only 12 years old, and he is already developing feelings towards another person. I thought about myself and realized that when I was his age, the only thing I was thinking about back then was going to fast-food restaurants with my friends. Though I think I can understand Koushi’s feelings since I know what it feels like to be confused with sudden romantic feelings.

Frey’s Move

Since Frey knew that something is bothering Koushi, she tried to reach out to Koushi in her own way. The two of them go to a cosplay shop and both of them change their clothes. There, Frey explains that at the moment, they are the people they are portraying, so it’s okay to say anything to each other. Frey asks Koushi about his problem and Koushi explains what he feels about a certain resident of the “Goddes’ Dorm”.

Frey and Koushi in their cosplay outfits

The two of them clash swords with each other while talking dramatically until Frey hugs Koushi. I didn’t really pay attention to Frey that much before but after watching this, I switched my team from Atena to her. Her words also motivated me and I found her to be truly inspirational. Most importantly, she is really cute when her bangs are blocking her face.

The episode ended with Koushi and Frey going back to the “Goddes’ Dorm”. The next episode will air on August 25, and we will see the girls in different outfits. You can watch it on HIDIVE.

If Frey managed to steal your heart in episode 6 of Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory, you can also vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

Series Synopsis

12-year-old boy Kōshi Nagumo, who finds himself homeless, penniless, and without relatives to care for him. As he lies on the street, he gets picked up to become the “dorm mother” of a dormitory full of troubled women’s university students. (HiDive)

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