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Sacrificial Princess And The Beast King Anime Adaptation Announced

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Revealed recently, a Sacrificial Princess and the Beast King anime adaptation is in development. The news was announced in issue 4 of the “Hana to Yume” magazine before Sacrificial Princess and the Beast King episode.0 was published. Yu Tomofuji’s manga series ran from 2015 until October of 2020 in “Hana to Yume” (Hakeusensha). The last 15 volumes were also released January 20th.

Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts cover from Yen Press

The story is in a world where humanity is subservient to a Demon and Beast lord who takes women as sacrifices to assert dominance. Until one day Safri, another girl who is destined to be the 99th sacrifice to the King peaks his interest. Unlike most, she does not beg for her life as she has nowhere to go if she was freed. She also shows no fear of the King or any other beast and accepts her death without question. Intrigued, the king spares her, and appoints her as his consort, and a love begins to form.

The official premier date of the Sacrificial Princess and the Beast King anime adaption and future details are expected to be announced in the near future.

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