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Senpai Is an Otokonoko Anime Reveals New Visual, Release Date

The previously announced Senpai Is an Otokonoko revealed a new visual and a 2024 release date at the Anime NYC 2023’s Crunchyroll Industry Panel. Crunchyroll will stream the anime. The studio, staff, and cast are yet to be announced.

Senpai Is an Otokonoko – Visual

Senpai Is an Otokonoko manga written and illustrated by Pom. It was digitally published through Line Manga from 2019 to 2021. Ichijinsha acquired the title in 2021 and currently has 6 volumes in circulation. The manga ranked on Anime Japan’s “Manga We Want To See Animated” poll last year.

Senpai Is an Otokonoko – Trailer

Webtoon is distributing the manga in English and they described it as follows:
Can true love really overcome any obstacles? Saki, a high school student, confesses her feelings to Makoto. Taken aback, Makoto reveals his secret, but the sudden discovery doesn’t seem to bother Saki who is already head over heels for him. After being rejected, Saki asks Ryuji, Makoto’s childhood friend, for some advice on how to win his heart. A love triangle unfolds when Ryuji realizes that he might also have some feelings for his old friend.

Source: Press Release
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