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Shadows House Episode 7 - One Step Closer

Shadows House episode 7, titled An Incomplete Map delivers a continuation of the Debut test that began 2 episodes ago. Emilico and Rum meet Shaun, team up, and manage to get one step closer to passing the test.

In last week’s episode, we found out what the test consists of. Dolls need to find their masters in a garden maze, without getting hurt and without their masters’ clothes getting dirty. Each one picked an item that will help them with the task, and Emilico and Rum teamed up.

The maze is designed to make the dolls fail – Lou almost falls to her death. However, true to herself, she only worries about her face, as that is one thing that can’t get hurt in the test. Ricky actually shows her some compassion, which is quite unusual for him, but implies there might be more to his personality.

While the mysterious Shadows in the mansion observe the test and make comments about participants, Emilico and Rum wander around. Together they solve puzzles and run into Patrick, Ricky’s master. Emilico manages to melt his facade, and he shows his soft side and encourages them to go on. However, he seems to be panicking while left all alone, without his living doll.

Meanwhile, Shaun falls into a trap. He soon gets out and manages to stumble upon Emilico and Rum. Together they solve puzzles and come upon John, Shaun’s master. He tells them about Kate, and Emilico figures out where Rum’s master is as well. However, they must split up, because John’s attire is covered in soot, and that might cause him to fail the test. Rum also finds her voice and shows off her talents.

Emilico’s bubbly personality seems to play an important role in keeping everyone’s spirits up. However, it’s not very similar to Kate’s, something even John points out.

The Soot Powers and Teamwork

Edward also receives a mysterious message from the Shadows who are observing the test. We don’t get to see what it means, but we most likely will soon. A female shadow forms a messenger bird out of soot to deliver it. This proves that shadows are actually supposed to use their soot powers, and it’s probably only a matter of time before Kate uses hers to get away from the cage.

It’s interesting to see how Emilico borrows items from her friends to solve puzzles. The test seems to have been designed with this in mind – you will have trouble trying to pass it with just the one item you picked. In addition, it poses an interesting question about the purpose of teamwork in the test. Teaming up isn’t against the rules, and it seems to help. One of the clues also requires a Shadow to be present. In addition, Shadows in the mansion are also working in a group, they bicker and disagree with each other, but they are there as a unit. Maybe part of the test is also finding friends among the other participants.

Next week’s episode is titled In The Palm of His Hand – which sounds like it has to do with Edward. He probably has something up his sleeve. There’s also the mysterious message he received, as well as the fact that Shadows who are overseeing the test seem to be cheering on their favorites. The episode ends with an image of Shirley, who is just sitting on a chair, seemingly tied to it.

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