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Shadows House Season 2 Reveals Teaser Trailer at AnimeJapan 2022

Shadows House Season 2 revealed a teaser trailer for the upcoming season, which is set to begin airing this July. Season 2 was announced in January.

The information was revealed during the Aniplex AnimeJapan 2022 stage, which Shadows House was a part of. The main cast from the series Yuu Sasahara (Emilico), Akari Kito (Kate), and Kodai Sakai (John) presented the information.

Staff is largely returning for the first season and includes:

  • Director: Kazuki Ohashi
  • Character designers: Chisuko Kuzakabe and Shihomi Shorin
  • Series composition: Toshiya Ono
  • Music: Kenichiro Suehiro
  • Art directors: Chihiro Goto and Hirofumi Sakagami

Shadows House anime is based on a manga by Somato. It started publishing in Sheuisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump 2018 and, as of the writing of this article, it has 118 chapters. Yen Press announced plans to license the manga. Studio Cloverworks animated the first season, which aired in Spring 2021. Funimation streamed the anime.

Yen Press recently licensed the manga and the first volume is set for June 21 release:
Shadows House-a strange mansion that receives no callers, inhabited by a race of faceless shadows who play at being aristocrats and are waited on hand and foot by “living dolls,” who also serve as their masters’ faces. What goes on inside this enigmatic manor is anyone’s guess, but soot and shrieks billow up from within… 

Source: AnimeJapan 2022, Aniplex YouTube
©Soumatou/Shueisha/Shadow House Production Committee

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