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Shaman King 2021 Releases Anime Opening on YouTube

The 2021 remake of the “Shaman King” anime premieres today in Japan, and the first opening video has already been uploaded on YouTube! It’s the non-credit version, and the song is performed by Megumi Hayashibara, who also voices Anna. The title of the song is “Soul Salvation”, and you can check out the video below:

Hayashibara also voiced Anna and performed both OP and ED songs for the original anime. She will be in charge of this version’s ending song “#Boku no Yubisaki” (My Fingertip) as well. The anime releases on Netflix today on April 1st, and international release will release for some time in 2021. You can also check out the last released Key Visual for the anime:

SHAMAN KING 2021 – Key Visual

The 2021 remake of “SHAMAN KING” is directed by Furuta Takeshi at studio Bridge. The reboot will adapt all 35 volumes of the now completed manga. Its author and illustrator, Hiroyuki Takei, previously said there was already an offer for a remake back in 2017. However, it wasn’t possible to bring back the original voice actors and soundtrack, so he refused it and hoped another chance would come by in the future. And a chance did come, with most of the cast returning for the new adaptation.

The opening for the 2021 anime remake feels nostalgic, and I can’t wait to watch Shaman King whenever it releases internationally!

You can also read about why the original strayed from the manga here!

Source: KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE YouTube Channel, Official SHAMAN KING Twitter
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