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Solo Leveling Arise Developer Reveals When New Stories, Hunters & Weapons Will Arrive In-Game

In Anime Corner’s interview with Solo Leveling: Arise‘s Seong-Keon Jin, the lead developer outlined the game’s roadmap, revealing at least one year’s worth of updates in store for fans. He added that while things may change depending on user feedback, the plan is to “update new Hunters and their stories every three weeks, along with new Spiritual Weapons every six weeks. We are also considering adding stories and other content every three months.

The nature of these new stories largely remains a secret, but Seong-Keon did reveal one that fans can expect:
Let’s take Song Chiyul for example. Song Chiyul enters Cartenon Temple with Jinwoo early in the story and becomes the last Hunter to escape the Dungeon with Lee Joohee upon Sung Jinwoo’s request later on. The original series also establishes Song Chiyul as the teacher who taught Cha Hae-In swordsmanship. Doesn’t this arouse curiosity about Song Chiyul’s relationship with other Hunters in the universe of Solo Leveling?

These stories also have the blessing of original Solo Leveling and Solo Leveling: Ragnarok author Chugong. “Just like with Song Chiyul, we wrote original stories for various characters in the game to expand Solo Leveling’s universe and make players’ gameplay experience more fun,” Seong-Keon said. “For these new stories, we’re working in collaboration with the original author, Chugong, in order to make sure they fit with the series.”

Solo Leveling: Arise goes #1 on app stores in Japan.

Despite being in its infancy, Solo Leveling: Arise has proved a massive success, topping Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store in over 70 countries. The game recorded 5 million daily active users and over $10 million in sales just a day after launch. Netmarble CEO Kwon Young-sik confirmed that this was a record for the company.

Solo Leveling: Arise was released on May 8, 2024, and can be downloaded on mobile and PC via Netmarble Launcher. Fans of the franchise can also look forward to the anime’s continuation, with Aniplex officially announcing Solo Leveling Season 2 in March. Arise is officially described:
About a decade ago, ‘gates’ began to open and connect this world to different dimensions. ‘Awakened Beings’ started to appear among ordinary citizens. These ‘Awakened Beings’ are the only ones strong enough to fight the monsters in the dungeons beyond each gate. They are called ‘hunters.’ However, not all hunters are created equally. One E-Rank hunter they call ‘The Weakest Hunter of All Mankind’ struggles to stay alive, even in the lowest-level dungeons. His name is Sung Jinwoo.

With almost nothing to his name, he braves the dungeons to support his family and barely makes enough to get by. At least until he finds himself in a deadly ‘Double Dungeon,’ hidden inside a lowly D-Rank gate. Believing it’s the end, he accepts the inevitable…… but awakens to discover new and strange abilities. A quest window, like one from a video game—only visible to him! And with it, a secret means of ‘Leveling Up!’ He now seeks to ‘level up’ by hunting monsters and completing these quests… …that can only be done solo!”

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