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Sony Music Japan Launches Project VEE

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Sony Music Japan opens auditions for VEE Tuesday, July 20, 2021. VEE is Sony Music Japan’s foray into the VTubing scene. It aims to debut over 50 virtual talents in what it refers to as the “largest virtual talent development and management project in history.”

Under the tagline “VTubers are human, too,” VEE laid out its vision for aspiring VTubers who want to make their dreams come true, in line with Sony Music Japan’s business to discover talents.

VEE Project Key Visual 2021

VEE’s promises to aspiring VTuber applicants

Likewise, the project gave its three promises to aspiring virtual talents: (1) They will not distinguish its VTuber talents from other talents under Sony Music Japan, (2) They will not provide shortcuts for the big stage, and (3) They will not take away their character.

Auditions are open for any gender and nationality, ages 16 above, as long as they are residing in Japan. Minors need parental consent. It will end on September 30, 2021. VEE also showed the audition process. A document screening is conducted first. Then, an Online Interview will await the ones who passed the initial screening. Afterwards, a Final Screening will be held, including an interview at Sony Music Japan’s office in Tokyo. Lastly, a debut will be prepared for those who passed the final screening. See more information about VEE on its official website and Twitter.

Sony Music Japan VEE Key Visual

Sony Music Japan is home to the Defstar Records, Gr8! Records, Ki/oon Music and Sacra Music labels. Notable artists under Sony Music Japan include Aimer, ClariS, Garnidelia, Haruna Luna, Judy and Mary, and Sumika among others. It also owns THE F1RST TAKE, a YouTube channel dedicated to performances done in one take only.

Keep it here on Anime Corner and know the latest major updates in the VTuber community.

VEE Key Visuals taken from official website. (© VEE)

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