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Spirit Chronicles Episode 2: Into the Royal Academy

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Episode 2 of the anime series Spirit Chronicles finally premiered, and things keep getting better! A lot of things have happened in this week’s episode since Rio started going to the Royal Academy, and I’d say Rio’s quite an extraordinary student.

This episode starts off Rio’s arduous adventure ahead of him, starting with the Royal Academy. What’s more, is that Rio’s all grown up, and we’ll finally hear the incredible voice acting of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. It was a very interesting episode, especially how Rio was able to adapt to the harsh criticism he went through.

It seems that in whichever world you may be, you’ll always meet these kinds of people. More importantly, please be aware of spoilers.

The Genius Commoner

After the incident that occurred in the previous episode, the King decided to give Rio a scholarship for him to attend the Royal Academy. Since he’s merely a commoner who was granted such rights by the King, people around him started criticizing him.

Spirit Chronicles

But Rio did not let such foolish thoughts and impressions cloud his mind. In fact, he’s already a genius because he used to be a university student in his past life. And because of that, Haruto’s memories wander around Rio’s thoughts allowing him to adapt Haruto’s knowledge and actions.

Potential Knight-to-Be

The students had their swordsmanship period and the professor took a liking to Rio. He challenges Rio to a duel and everyone looked shocked seeing Rio’s extraordinary pose. It is the pose that Haruto learned from his dojo – holding the sword with both two hands without any shield.

Spirit Chronicles

His sparring professor complimented his outstanding performance and that he’d make a good knight. But with all due respect, Rio refused such an offer since he has no intentions of being a knight. Fast forward to 5 years later, the professor chose Rio to be one of the representatives for the upcoming swordsmanship tournament.

Out of curiosity, his teacher and friend Ciela Claire asked him what would his plans be right after graduating. Rio has decided that he would not stay in the Kingdom of Beltrum as he wanted to go to his mother’s homeland, the Yagumo region.

Swordsmanship Tournament

The swordsmanship tournament has begun and Rio is the first one to have a battle. In this duel, Rio meets a familiar face, the face of the person who tortured him way back when he rescued the princess. Revenge is what boils deep into this duel.

Due to the interrogation that happened before, the knight got demoted because of his unjust questioning and physical harm to Rio. Now that they’ve met each other again, they went all out in this duel. Rio’s hard work at the Royal Academy and Haruto’s dojo skills actually paid off! He easily defeated his opponent, having Rio as the winner of the match.

Also, Rio’s enemy and one of the antagonists of the series suddenly make his brief appearance. It seems that this enemy has a very dark aura within him, and Rio might find himself in trouble.

spirit chronicles

So, what do you think of this week’s episode? It gets more and more exciting and there will be a lot of interesting twists and turns you have to see for yourself. Stay tuned and vote for the series here on our weekly polls!

Witness Rio’s extraordinary performance at the Royal Academy and stream episode 2 of Spirit Chronicles on Crunchyroll. Once you’re done watching, you can read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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