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Spirit Chronicles Episode 4: The Cute Assassin

Episode 4 of the anime series Spirit Chronicles finally premiered and Rio encountered a cute demi-human assassin that was ordered to eliminate him! See how this cute little assassin tries her best to eliminate Rio in such an adorable way. Also, please be aware of spoiler-filled content.

What’s more, Rio met two more characters incarnated from Earth just like him. Similar to the previous episode, the latest episode also had astonishing fight scenes but better!

The Maid of Ricca Guild

As Rio made his way into the Kingdom of Galarc, he senses a common aroma of a food Haruto used to eat back on Earth. It seems that the head of the Ricca Guild, Lady Liselotte brought these ingredients from Earth into the Kingdom of Galarc.

Under the alias of Lotte, she assists Rio as he replenishes his inventory for a long journey ahead. He also wrote a letter for Professor Celia and had the Ricca Guild deliver it for him.

The Cute Assassin

After settling his needs at the Ricca Guild, Rio immediately went off and into the forest. Along the way, he encounters a petite body wearing a coat lying on the ground. But he never knew that the young little figure was actually trying to kill him.

As the order of the Duke of Huguenot, the young demi-human Latifa was assigned to assassinate Rio. It seems that the Duke of Huguenot was trying to protect their status by cleaning up the mess and blaming it all on Rio.

A New Acquaintance

Fortunately, Rio was able to apprehend the little assassin and removed the magical collar on her neck. With the use of his spirit magic, he was able to free Latifa from slavery and the pain she suffered.

Latifa was heavily abused by Stewart Hugeonot when she proclaimed that she’s a young girl riding at the bus named Endo Suzune. But now that Rio removed the cursed collar tied to her neck, she now has the freedom to run around without her master’s consent.

Thus, she has decided to follow Rio as he embarks on a journey to the Yagumo region. More importantly, along the way, Rio saw a gigantic magical tree that Latifa herself cannot see. And at the deep of the woods at nighttime, he saw a magical wolf that shone so bright.

So, what do you think of the magical wolf or the gigantic tree only Rio can see? It gets more and more exciting and there will be a lot of interesting twists and turns you have to see for yourself. Stay tuned and vote for the series here on our weekly polls!

You can watch episode 4 of Spirit Chronicles here on Crunchyroll. Once you’re done watching, you can read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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