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Spring 2021 Spotlight: Zombie Land Saga Revenge

We take a look at the happenings inside AnimeJapan 2021, starting with Zombie Land Saga Revenge which is set to broadcast this Spring.

Zombie Land Saga Revenge is the second season of the hit 2018 TV series. Likewise, this continues the journey of the zombie idol group Franchouchou.

Pre-broadcast special stage at AnimeJapan 2021


Last March 28, the cast were present in the series’ pre-broadcast special stage at AnimeJapan 2021, which is streamed online.

The cast also share the lessons they learned as they portray their roles with the theme of ‘revenge’. Not to mention, the archive of the event, seen above, is available on YouTube for a limited time. They also generously shared to us photos from the said stage!

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Cast Commentary…?

Additionally, a new promotional video was also released March 24, with the casts burning with excitement for the second season.

Mamoru Miyano (voice of Kotaro Tatsumi): “A battle we cannot to lose.”
Kaede Hondo (voice of Sakura Minamoto): “Friendship”  
Asami Tano (voice of Saki Nikaido): “A new revolution”  
Risa Taneda (voice of Ai Mizuno): “Hope”
Maki Kawase (voice of Junko Konno): “The Burning Battlefield”  
Rika Kinugawa (voice of Yugiri): “A Clash of Souls”
Minami Tanaka (voice of Lily Hoshikawa): “DEAD OR ALIVE”

Aside from the cast commentary, two promotional videos for Zombie Land Saga Revenge are also released:

Zombie Land Saga Revenge’s “PV of the destiny”
Zombie Land Saga Revenge’s “PV of the destiny 2”

To sum it up, Zombie Land Saga Revenge will air starting Thursday, April 8 in Japan. Studio MAPPA will animate the series with Munehisa Sakai directing it.

Where you can watch Zombie Land Saga Revenge?

The second season will be available on Amazon Prime Video. In addition, Muse Communications holds the license to the second season in select areas in South and Southeast Asia. Bilibili will also stream the series in Southeast Asia.

What’s more, AnimeLab distributes the series in Australia & New Zealand, while Crunchyroll distributes the series in all areas except Asia. Meanwhile, viewers in the US, Canada, UK & Ireland will be able to catch the series through Funimation.

The 2008 TV series is awarded Animation of the Year Television Category in the 2019 Tokyo Anime Awards Festival. In addition, a stage play called “Zombie Land Saga Stage de Do-n!” ran in September last year.

To conclude, we are excited for the release of Zombie Land Saga. All the best for Franchouchou!

Moreover, stay tuned to Anime Corner for more news and features about the Spring 2021 anime season.

Event Photos provided by Avex Pictures

【Official Website】zombielandsaga.com

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