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Zombie Land Saga Movie Announced

The Zombie Land Saga franchise is getting a movie adaptation. The franchise made the announcement on October 17 during the Zombie Land Saga Revenge‘s two-day live event Zombie Land Saga Live-Franchouchou Saga Yo Tomo Ni Waitekure-. The official Twitter account posted a trailer with the caption “Beyond the Revenge“. It’s not clear if the movie is animated or live-action.

Mantan Web reported the announcement even surprised the cast indicating they heard of it for the first time there. Hondo Kaede, the voice of Minamoto Sakura described her feelings of surprise, excitement, and happiness as a “roller coaster”, and further said, “This is the Zombie Land Saga!”. “I didn’t know this could happen… I’m really delighted,” she shed tears. The live event is getting a Blu-ray volume on February 25, 2022.

Zombie Land Saga Movie PV

You can also check the trailer named “Zombie Naki Tatakai Saga Fukusyuu Hen (lit. Battles without Zombies Saga Revenge Arc)” which servers as the film announcement. It’s an obvious reference to a well-known yakuza-themed movie, “Jingi Naki Tatakai (Battles without Honor and Humanity)”. Interestingly enough, it’s not an anime trailer, but two actors appear instead. Hakuryu is the man sitting on a chair, and Murai Kunio holding a gun pointed at him. Hakuryu also made an appearance as White Ryu in the anime Zombie Land Saga Revenge episode 2. What’s more, both of them are, as you might have guessed, from the Saga prefecture in Japan.

Source: Official Twitter, Official Twitter, Mantanweb
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