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SAKUGAN Episode 2: The Epic Journey Is Just Beginning

Episode 2 of SAKUGAN aired on Thursday kicking off the long journey that lies ahead for Memempu and Gagumber. The series doesn’t shy away from the emotional moments early on and the latest episode proved that to be true yet again. The season premiere had us instantly hooked and episode two kept us tuned in. Stunning visuals and epic moments are both layered under the growing relationship between a genius nine-year-old girl and her father in the latest SAKUGAN episode.

Big Tony Sees Some Action

What was at the beginning a difficult endeavor to even get their bot started, seeing Gagumber and Memempu in action was a joy to watch. Working together in the field, as we saw in episode one, definitely proved worthy in this episode.

Despite the series technically being a mecha, it didn’t feel like a mecha. Episode two truly felt like a father and daughter fighting together and getting the job done. And it seems that’s the point SAKUGAN is trying to make.

Between Gagumber’s incredible piloting skills and Memempu’s genius, the two made an incredible team when taking on kaiju. So much so that even other Markers were impressed that the two took out a single kaiju all on their own when it usually takes a squad. So the media praise they received over the radio afterward was warranted.

Memempu naming their bot “Big Tony” was perfect. It’s short. It’s memorable. And, for some reason, it just fits the style of the bot perfectly.

Memempu Is Still in the Dark

One part of SAKUGAN’s story is obviously reaching the place Memempu keeps seeing in her dreams. However, one personal matter has popped up in both episodes now—what happened in Gagumber’s past as a Marker that made him quit?

This was teased to viewers in both episodes and we have yet to find an answer for this. All we know is that his wife, Memempu’s mother, supposedly “left him” and that he hasn’t told Memempu he used to be a Marker himself. At one point, he explains to Memempu in the middle of a fight how the kaiju function, and she even becomes suspicious. But the dramatic irony in all of this is that we still know more than Memempu does.

After their long battle came the emotional scene at the gravesite that really hit home with viewers. In their heart-to-heart talk at the end, he tells Memempu, “you’re going to lose things from here on.” Whatever that line is foreshadowing, I hope it’s not what a lot of us think it will be. For now, let’s just enjoy the beginning of this journey and see where it leads.

Episode 3 Next Week

The third episode of SAKUGAN will officially air on Thursday, October 21, exclusively on Crunchyroll. SAKUGAN placed 19th for week two of our weekly poll voting. So go vote for this week’s episode here and let’s get it into the top 10 for week three!

You can check out the third episode preview below.

So what are your thoughts on SAKUGAN episode 2? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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