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SAKUGAN Episode 3: Memempu Realizes Something Important

Episode 3 of SAKUGAN aired on Thursday giving us another dangerous conflict for Memempu and Gagumber to overcome. They reached their first checkpoint in their long journey but it looks like it’s going to be much more difficult than what Memempu anticipated.

Memempu Faces Reality

One biggest theme in episode 3 of SAKUGAN is definitely that ignorance is bliss. All her life Memempu was the smartest person in any room she walked into. But this started to change in episode 3. During what Memempu thought was a simple earthquake, Gagumber knew immediately it wasn’t and that something was coming. While he was trying to prepare for what was coming, Memempu carried on like her cheery, over-confident self.

But to her surprise, she was completely wrong. Stunned by the situation, Memempu decided to take action into her own hands leading to even more trouble. It was during this time that she realized something important—she won’t be able to reach her final destination without her father’s help.

This was definitely a moment of growth for a character that definitely needed it. However, to think Memempu would never change at some point on a dangerous journey with her father would be ridiculous. The way SAKUGAN goes about character growth for a nine-year-old genius is rather unique. And episode 3 showed her weakness and that is simply one thing—she’s still a kid.

Memempu, SAKUGAN Episode 3

Gagumber Proves His Worth

Back in episode 1, Walsh had to remind Memempu that the best person to have by her side in times of crisis was her father. It was something that Memempu refused to believe because she basically took care of herself, even at such a young age.

The moment Gagumber stepped in to save Memempu was done extremely well. When the situation is about to just hit its tipping point is the best time for a hero to make their entrance and that’s what Gagumber managed to achieve. He came in clutch and got his daughter out of there safe and sound. I’d say the best part of it all was the conversation and humor thrown into it near the end of the rescue.

Now they’re onto their next checkpoint. However, it looks like they might have run into another big problem already.

Gagumber (left) and Memempu (right), SAKUGAN Episode 3

Next Week

The biggest conflicts so far in SAKUGAN have dealt with kaiju and life-threatening scenarios. But a new problem looks like it’s been waiting for Memempu and Gagumber since their journey started. Episode 4 of SAKUGAN will air on Crunchyroll on October 28.

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