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‘Deep Insanity: ASYLUM’ Theme Song Featuring Hololive Talents Officially Drops

The song ‘madoromi’, the official theme song of Square Enix’s new mix-media project ‘Deep Insanity: ASYLUM’, officially dropped on October 13 in Japan. The song features the vocals of Hololive talents Amane Kanata and Tokoyami Towa, both of which are also a part of Hololive’s fourth generation.

Music video for ‘madoromi’, the theme song for ‘Deep Insanity ASYLUM’, by Amane Kanata and Tokoyami Towa from Hololive. / hololive VTuber Group on YouTube

The official YouTube music video describes the story of the song as: “Is it truth or madness that you seek? Follow a young man with amnesia’s journey and explore the depths of insanity found deep underground in this mystery!”

‘Madoromi’ Production in Focus

With Amane Kanata and Tokoyami Towa providing the vocals for the said track, the composition and keyboard/string arrangement for the song was done by Taketeru Sunamori and Miyako Matsuoka. Both of them are from the Mirai Kodai Orchestra, which also produced the OST for Square Enix’s ‘Grimms Notes’.

‘Madoromi’ is available on iTunes Store, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

As of this writing, Tokoyami Towa has garnered over 800k subscribers, while Amane Kanata has reached over 1m subscribers.

What is ‘Deep Insanity: ASYLUM’?

The mixed-media project developed by Japanese video game company Square Enix currently has manga, anime, as well as a game. The manga, titled Deep Insanity: NIRVANA, began serialization in January 2020 under Square Enix’s manga imprint Monthly Big Bangan.

Image from ‘Deep Insanity ASYLUM’ official website

The anime adaptation, Deep Insanity: The Lost Child started airing on October 13, with Studio SILVER LINK animating the series. All the versions are set in the same universe but take place in different timelines.

Deep Insanity: ASYLUM also launched on October 13. The game is available on iOS and Android stores, as well as Steam. The official website describes the game plot as:

The near future. Randolph Syndrome spreads across the globe, causing a mysterious illness. Those affected fall into a deep sleep and can’t wake up. What seems to be the cause?
A huge underground world appears in Antarctica. Inside is a group of oddly shaped organisms that are different from those on the surface, as well as vast unknown resources.
In order to solve the mystery behind Randolph Syndrome people must investigate the new world. There, they will discover a wealth of genetic information about the organisms, but also gain access to the underground resources.

Source: “Deep Insanity ASYLUM” official website / Official Press Release

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