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Spy x Family CODE: White Shows No Sign of Slowing Down as It Nears an Important Milestone

Box office tracker Kogyo Tsushin reports that the box office revenue for Spy x Family CODE: White has exceeded 4.85 billion yen ($32.9 million). Over 3.6 million people have seen the film which means the film draws ever closer to the four million target set before the film’s release with four million booklets printed for the filmgoers. The booklet contains an original manga and special interviews with the cast and staff. This latest box office report also means Spy x Family added 1.4 billion yen to its total in 11 days.

With Spy x Family CODE: White reaching 3.6 million viewers in 24 days, adding another 227,000 last weekend, it sets the film up nicely to hit the 4 million milestone in potentially a month. Spy x Family‘s commercial success follows viral promotional campaigns with Disney’s Wish, and the epic Yor vs. Chun Li collaboration in Street Fighter IV, and comes off the back of a well-received second season, ranking 12th in Anime Corner’s Fall 2023 Anime of the Season Rankings.

Spy x Family CODE: White Crunchyroll release poster

Next for the movie is Crunchyroll’s worldwide release, with screenings in the United States, United Kingdom, and more. While there’s been no confirmation of any further anime adaptations of Tatsuya Endo’s manga, fans can expect the franchise to build on its momentum at the Spy x Family event announced for Summer 2024. The first Spy x Family game: Operation Diary will also be launching on PS4 and PS5 later this year.

Ahead of Spy x Family CODE: White‘s international release, a summary of the film reads:
Anya’s school is currently awarding a Stella for the children’s cooking efforts, so Loid proposes that Anya learns how to make Melemele – the Frigis region’s traditional sweet. When everything seems set for the Forger family to head to Frigis on holiday, Yor spots Loid close to another woman…! On the way there, Anya spots a mysterious chocolate in a suitcase — and accidentally swallows it! Not knowing that this chocolate hides a world-threatening secret, wild shenanigans, leaving the fate of the world in the Forger’s hands, again ensue.

Source: Kogyo Tsushin
©2023 SPY x FAMILY The Movie Project; ©Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha

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