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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 39: Great Power, Great Responsibility

“That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” episode 39 is out! The important meeting continues on. There’s a lot of discussions that make the story interesting for the future. It’s all talk so it could be a bit boring for some, but if you’re like me who likes a brain teaser, then this is a fun watch! The episode is titled, “Ramiris’ Warning.” 

In summary, Rimuru discusses their cover-up story of the war and Youm as the new Falmuth King. In addition, Fuze also contributes by explaining Blumund’s assistance. All the while, Elalude gathers information and eventually comes to trust not only Rimuru, but the King of Blumund as well. 

Honestly, keeping up with such serious talks exhausts my “brain powers.” Nevertheless, I enjoy listening to a good strategy and tactical meeting. It’s amazing how King Gazel, Elalude, Fuze, the King of Blumund, and Rimuru are intelligent in all of their decision-making. Respect! 

Like for example, King Gazel explains that it’ll be easier for people to believe that the Storm Dragon is what caused the Falmuth casualties. With this, they’ll say that Demon Lord Rimuru and the Champion Youm worked together to calm the guardian dragon. Not only will this make Falmuth look bad, but make other nations wary of Tempest. Plus, the Demon Lords won’t find Rimuru a threat..yet. 

Do you believe that Youm can really be the new King of Falmuth? Rimuru intends to instigate a civil war, so King Gazel tests Youm to see if he has what it takes. However, Youm proudly proves himself in the most unexpected (and cheesiest) way. Mjurran blushes adorably. 

Another epic moment in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” episode 39 is how Fuze handles Elalude’s suspicious questioning. Why would a small nation such as Blumund want to beriend Rimuru and even back Youm as future King? What’s in it for them? Apparently, the King of Blumund would rather coexist and put their trust in a monster nation than seek any help from the Western Holy Church. Obviously, this was all thought out before. The King is a very wise person!

It’s also clear that Archduke Elalude is a careful and logical person. After hearing Rimuru’s simple goal of creating a comfortable world, Elalude finally formally requests diplomatic relations with the Jura Tempest Federation. It’s a wonderful moment and everyone applauses, even the sleepy Gobta. How diligent of him! Honestly, Gobta is such a mood.

Of course, we’re all excited to see Rimuru take his revenge on the scheming Clayman. Benimaru, as well as the Beasketeers,  are happy to hear the go sign. Rimuru is confident in his companions. 

The most important part of episode 39 is definitely the last scene with Clayman and Laplace. The Demon Lord seems to be in a hurry with his plans to invade and massacre Eurazania so he can become more powerful. 

In addition, he believes that Rimuru killed Mjurran and will be using this as a reason to attack Tempest. He has all these plans with Milim too, but it seems that Clayman is just a pawn to someone’s play, especially since Yuuki and Kazaream are involved. Laplace warns (or messes?) him about this. Who exactly is the real puppet master, and who is the clown?

In the end, we didn’t get to hear anything more about Ramiris’ warning. It’s ironic because that’s the title of the episode! The fairy Demon Lord fell from shock after seeing Veldora. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear her news in the next episode. Did you notice that Beretta was there too?

Slime Episode 40 Release Date

Episode 40 is titled “The Congress Dances” airs on Tuesday, July 27 at 11:00 PM (JST). It will also be available to watch on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia in select regions.

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“That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” or “Tensura” for short, is an anime adaption of the light novel by Fuse. It follows the story of how Mikami Satoru reincarnates to another world as a slime monster! He eventually obtains the name Rimuru and begins his quest to create a world that’s welcoming to all races. Eightbit Studio is handling the animation production.

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