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That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime Episode 28: Trouble Brewing for Rimuru

Popular isekai That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime has been back with Season 2 this winter anime season with several great episodes. Episode 4 of this season of Slime has revealed trouble brewing for Rimuru and his friends. If you have yet to catch the episode, beware, spoilers below!

So far this season, things have been pretty peaceful for Rimuru. He’s met with neighboring countries, furthered trade relations, and taught his students. Despite his peaceful agenda, Rimuru still has enemies. Although these enemies have been hinted at in the past few episodes, it’s not until this week’s episode that their malice is confirmed.

The first potential troublemaker we meet is a new member of Youm the Champion’s party, a mage named Myulan. She was introduced in Episode 3 and easily wiped the floor with the Champion, proving her magic superiority. In this episode, her inner monologue reveals that she is actually just using Youm and his party to get a closer look at Tempest. While this sounds harmless at first, she also reveals her orders to do so come from the Demon Lord Clayman. For the time being, she seems to be mainly assessing the strength of Tempest, but she is most definitely up to no good.

Bigger Trouble Brewing Elsewhere in ‘Slime’ Episode 4

The other, more significant, issue about putting Rimuru and his friends in danger is his own success. Due to the strength, craftiness, and openness of Tempest, it has become a veritable trade hub. This does not sit well with the former leading trade city, The Kingdom of Falmuth.

Rimuru first heard the idea that Falmuth may become jealous of his success while in Dwargon. However, we can see it is not just an idea. In this episode, we see the council of Falmuth deliberating about what to do regarding their falling status. Without revealing too much, they begin to concoct a treacherous scheme that may launch Tempest, and its allies, into a full-scale war, if they can pull it off.

While Episode 4 of Slime has been full of trouble brewing from various directions, Rimuru will no doubt handle it in due time.

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