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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 30: A Visit from the Past

In Slime Episode 30, we see Rimuru having a tear-filled goodbye with the students of the Freedom Academy. In a gesture of goodwill and love, he even gives Chloe the mask he had received from Shizu. After that, he heads off to transport back to Tempest and – WAIT a minute. Haven’t we seen this already?

As a matter of fact, we have seen this scene already. This (with a few changes) was how Season 1 of Slime ended! This finally confirms that these past few episodes have been taking place in a gap during that final episode of season 1. It seems quite a bit of time has actually passed since the children bonded with their spirits. 

If you were really paying attention, you may have noticed this to be the case right away. In Episode 1 of this season, Rimuru was still teaching and preparing the students for a switch in teachers. But, if you’re more like me, then you glazed over the importance of that, and are only just realizing this now. Regardless, this means we finally get to see what that woman hiding behind the tree is all about. Oh, I almost forgot to warn you about spoilers below!

This is a woman we have learned a little about from the “Digression: Hinata Sakaguchi” episode. She is the Chief Knight of the Imperial Guard and Captain of the Holy Knights in the Holy Empire of Ruberios. She is also, more importantly to Rimuru, Shizu’s former student. Without spoiling too much, we find out she is incredibly strong this episode. With aid from the Holy Church and the Kingdom of Falmuth, she has managed to put Tempest in grave peril. 

As we saw last week, the Otherworlders from Falmuth began to cause trouble in Tempest. The Holy Church created some sort of magic barrier that weakens monsters. And this week, we also see the next step in their plan. 

With Rimuru locked in combat and Tempest in the midst of chaos, Episode 30 of Slime has only made us hungry for more.

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