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Last Dungeon Episode 7 Reveals A New Threat

Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town? or Last Dungeon Episode 7 aired on February 15th, 2021. This episode was a little bit of a change as we can start to see some new plot developments. While he was the usual loveable goofball we all know, Lloyd really showed a new sense of strategy and calculation. He seems to really put some thought behind his overpowered actions, which will be crucial as these new threats arrive. The comedy and animation show no signs of letting up, so this show continues to be a must-watch.

Summer break is here and everyone is working on their plans. As it turns out Lloyd can’t meet up with anyone that invited him because he took on a temporary job. A hotel in the area required some aid so Lloyd volunteers to help out as a favor to Chrome. It also coincidently just happens to have guests going into a comatose at the same time, but it’s not a worry. Lloyd takes over and is fabulous as always but his talent is a bit scary for his new coworkers.

It’s actually revealed that the reason the guests have been going under is a dangerous plant-like monster is in the area. Those under its influence can show amazing abilities that regular people can’t. Also, those that know fear that a dangerous plot is brewing between local lords. Given Lloyd’s abilities, he becomes suspect number 1, but when his classmate, the local lord’s son, goes into a comatose as well Lloyd and company pool together to deal with this new threat.

Some interesting story elements are really shaping up. This new threat coupled with the arrival of Lloyds friends leaves a lot of room for some threatening developments. Lloyd’s growth as well as some peak comedy moments make this show so enjoyable to watch. Can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking for some comedy this season.

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Screenshots via the Last Dungeon Episode 7 stream on Funimation

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