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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 32: A Tragic Loss

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After the brutal ending of last week’s episode, Slime Episode 32 opens with an equally brutal reveal. Since the episode came out on March 2, 2021, we’re going to jump right in and look at what happened, rather than keeping too much hidden. So, Spoilers! Spoilers everywhere!

In this episode, we first see Rimuru dealing with some of his injured friends. As we expect, he easily heals some life-threatening wounds in about one second. He then inquires about someone who has been noticeably absent: Shion. No one meets his gaze, and Benimaru just tells Rimuru to follow him.

The group heads out into the plaza, where all those slain by the knights have been laid to rest. There, Gobta sees Gobzo, the hobgoblin who died valiantly defending Princess Shuna. Then, Shion is revealed. She has been killed by the knights of Falmuth, her horn was even broken off. Rimuru releases a burst of energy in a moment of despair, scaring and worrying his friends. Once he regains control of himself, he sends them away so he can mourn in peace.

Shion is mourned in Slime Episode 32

Right before he consumes her with Predator to allow her to rest eternally within him, Eren (No, not THAT Eren) and her two associates appear. These are the three adventurers from the very beginning of the series, the ones who opened the door to the dungeon Rimuru was in and brought Shizu out on her final adventure.

Well, it seems they have once again come to save the day. Eren reveals that she is actually the Princess of the Sorcerous Dynasty, Sarion. She tells Rimuru the secret legend passed down amongst the Dynasty for generations. This legend contains the only recorded reference of someone or something being brought back from the dead.

A Legendary Tale

We see this really cool art-styled series of drawings telling the story of a young girl who was half-dragon. She had a companion dragon who kept her company during her youth, but he was killed by jealous humans. In a moment of rage, the girl destroyed an entire city and gained the rank of a Demon Lord.

Now, we can tell from the drawings that this girl is definitely Milim, Demon Lord of Absurdity, so we can look forward to more explanation of that in the future. Besides that, we now see that, without a doubt, Rimuru must become a Demon Lord. If he can sacrifice at least 10,000 souls of the (conveniently approaching) army of Falmuth, he just may be able to bring back his friends.

Slime Episode 32 has been quite a roller coaster ride of emotions. Besides these events, we also see how Rimuru deals with the servant of Demon Lord Clayman, Myulan. No doubt, the next couple of episodes will be an incredible display of power as Rimuru pursues his new goal.

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