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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 35: The Awakened Demon Lord

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Last week’s episode of Slime was a great one, full of power moves, domination, and revenge, and Episode 35 is no different. Episode 34 left off with Great Sage stating the number of souls Rimuru collected as he ruthlessly executed the human army of Falmuth. This week picks up there. Let’s take a look at some of the best parts of the episode below (Spoilers!).

Slime Episode 35: Rimuru's Special move

No Mercy

After Rimuru racks up an over-5000 kill streak, he decides to make this execution a bit more personal. Now that the numbers are thinned, it’s easier to see where the ones in hiding are. He makes his way to one tent in particular that turns out to be where the King of Falmuth, the Archpriest of the Holy Church, Razen (Chief Sorceror of Falmuth who stole Shogo’s body), and Folgen (the military leader) are.

Rimuru effortlessly kills Folgen, then pierces Razen-Shogo’s skull, and cuts off the King’s arm. He decides not to kill the King and the Priest for the time being and uses an incredibly powerful new skill to drain the souls of all other humans in the area. This brings his total number of souls high enough for the ritual, so he begins the process of becoming a demon lord.

Slime episode 35: Rimuru Harvests thousands of souls

Why he thought this was the best place and time to begin the process is beyond me because he immediately begins to get incredibly lethargic. Rimuru does some quick thinking and even faster spell casting to make sure the area gets locked down. After that, he heads to safety where he can continue the ritual and evolve into a Demon Lord.

Two Significant Details in ‘Slime’ Episode 35

Now, during the moments before Rimuru slips into unconsciousness, he summons some Greater Demons. If you watched Episode 24 of Slime (“Black and the Mask”), then you may recognize the Demon summoned here.

The episode takes place from Shizu’s perspective in the time before Rimuru was reincarnated. She encounters an incredibly powerful demon known as “Kuro” or Black who is one of the Primordial demons. The seven Primordial demons, all named for colors, are at the top of the Demon hierarchy. At the end of the episode, we find out some important information. Rimuru will someday summon this demon and give him a name: “Diablo.”

No doubt we can look forward to the specifics of that next week, but back to the matter at hand. Even before he is a full Demon Lord, Rimuru manages to summon one of the strongest demons ever. This is a huge testament to his ever-growing power.

Slime episode 35: Rimuru summons 3 greater demons, including a familiar one

The other significant event from the latter portion of this episode occurs during Rimuru’s evolution to Demon Lord. It seems that, essentially, the Great Sage almost malfunctions. We see the skill evolve itself once into “Wise One” then try to evolve itself even further numerous times, failing each time.

Eventually, it sacrifices the skill “Degenerate” to receive the increased blessing from the Demon Lord transformation. This is incredibly noteworthy because it is one of the few times Great Sage has failed. The fact that it had this difficulty may be a foreshadowing of some future trouble to come. Or, since the skill does manage to evolve into “Raphael”, maybe it can do literally everything now. Only time will tell.

All in all, Episode 35 of Slime did not disappoint. Not only did we get to see some incredible abilities, we finally got to see the Demon Lord transformation in action. At this moment, Rimuru seems to be unstoppable, so what could possibly stand in his way next?

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