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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 34: The Time for Revenge

Last week’s episode may have been a bit lacking in action, but this week is a whole different story. Episode 34 of Slime picks up right where last week ended. Four power groups have been dispatched to take out the members of the Holy Church surrounding Tempest. Each team is highly skilled and highly capable, and this week, we see they are also out for revenge. (Spoilers below!) 

Slime Episode 34 delivers satisfying combat scenes

This week’s episode opens with the execution of Rimuru’s plan to become a Demon Lord. Strong warriors like Benimaru, Souei, Gabiru, and Gobta (Yes, those last two are actually pretty strong) are tasked with destroying the barrier around the city that has been weakening everyone inside. While they do this, Shuna and Myulan setup a different barrier from inside the city to help keep the souls of the dead nearby.

The destruction of the first three parts of the barrier goes quickly. Benimaru, Souei, and Gabiru easily toss aside the troops nearby and destroy the device. The last group is not so quickly dealt with. This last group is where the Otherworlders who killed Shion, Gobzo, and many others are waiting. Hakuro, Gobta, Geld, and Rigurd arrive to face them.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I was so ready for these pompous idiots to get what they deserve. And that’s just what happens. No mercy. No notions of “we’re just as bad as them if we kill them” or anything similar. Just pure dispensation of justice.

The Fate of the Otherworlders

Hakuro starts by facing off with the otherworlder who beat him last time. (Which, I did look it up, apparently his name is Kyoya Tachibana, but I’m pretty sure that name is never said in the anime.) Kyoya has a very strong set of skills. Essentially, he can slice through Space to cut anything and see, move, and think at an incredible pace. With these skills, Kyoya was basically invincible.

Note my use of the past-tense word “was”, however. All of Kyoya’s skills and pride are nothing compared to Hakuro’s. The old Kijin easily outmaneuvers the boy and bestows a cruel fate upon him. Since Kyoya is capable of processing thoughts at an incredible speed, he continues to experience everything, even after his head is severed from his body.

After this, we see Geld, the Orc King, dealing with Shogo. This is a satisfying fight in its own right. Once again, we see an arrogant fool who cares nothing for others get decimated by the power of the citizens of Tempest.

While all this is going on, Rimuru has been preparing. He has been gathering the energy and laying the groundwork needed for an incredibly powerful spell that will no doubt seal his ascension to Demon Lord. However, we’ll have to wait for next week to see the entirety of the fate of the former nation of Falmuth.

Episode 34 of Slime has been satisfying in so many ways. I for one, was extremely pleased with the revenge exacted upon the humans who did harm without cause. No doubt, next week we will see a fitting end for the pathetic king of Falmuth.

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